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Welcome to RENOVA, Ireland’s premier home renovations company. We specialise in deep retrofit with design to modernise older homes.

At RENOVA we take care of everything

We advise on budget, we design, construct and finish out all of our renovations for a full design and build service. When you choose RENOVA, we are your single point of contact.

Our 6 Stage Process ensures a successful renovation experience every time. We have a full design office and several construction crews that undertake all our projects. Access to our Design Studio makes the selection of finishes and fittings easy and convenient.

We are the only renovations company in Ireland to incorporate architectural design, retrofit works and interior design into one package.

Budget, Architectural design, Retrofit specification, Interior design and Construction – all by RENOVA

At RENOVA we transform cold, draughty, poorly-designed houses into energy-efficient, sustainable homes that are designed for comfortable modern living.

John Martin & Siân Hurley

Choose RENOVA and experience a stress-free home renovation

We are dedicated to delivering a hassle free home renovation experience. Our team insures that you have a single point of contact guiding you through our 6 stage process.

A team of hand-picked experts will be assigned to your renovation. At RENOVA, we carry out all of the works using only our own staff and trusted partners. We employ over 30 full-time industry professionals and tradespeople including technologists, designers, carpenters, foremen, plumbers, electricians and managers.

Our Design Studio

Watch your renovation come to life

You’re going to love the RENOVA Design Studio. When you come here, you see your house renovation take shape.

You make every decision about your house refurbishment in the Design Studio. To ensure the smoothest possible process, you decide on everything before your construction begins.

This is where you see your technical drawings and meet your construction manager. We help you make informed decisions about your heating system, electrical installation and other technical aspects of your renovation.

After that, it’s time to make your house a home with the help of your designer. Benefit from expert advice as you choose the perfect bathroom fittings, kitchen finishes, windows, flooring and colour scheme for your home. It’s all there at the RENOVA design studio.


Our house is approximately 50 years old, and we have lived here for some 25 years. We knew that it needed a serious overhaul and with the last of the kids having flown the nest, the timing seemed right. We didn’t need more space, but our home needed rewiring, replumbing, new insulation and we needed some reimagination of how we could live in and use the house. There were a number of builders’ vans in the area, and we kept a close eye on what was happening but we didn’t see anything that matched what we considered to be our needs.

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We felt that a lot of contractors wouldn’t be that interested in our project as we weren’t adding space. But once we found Renova we were interested in hearing what they had to say.

Our initial contract was with John who confirmed that our project was exactly the sort of thing they did. He came up with an initial costing and Sian came up with a design that was exactly what we wanted. From there we moved to workshop meetings with Sian, Paul and Barbara and the project took wings. Everything was clearly explained and at no stage did we have reason to question our choice of contactors.

Once work started on-site we met Richard, who radiated calm and a can-do attitude.  We decided to increase the scope of the work during the project and that was fitted seamlessly into the schedule. Approximately half-way through the works an unexpected issue was encountered, we were walked through the problem and given potential solutions by Alan. We felt we were in good hands throughout.

We are delighted with the finished product and are having difficulty in putting together a snag list. Several neighbours have made a point of saying how impressed they were by the way the team on site kept everything neat and tidy and minimised disruption during the period while the work was ongoing. We would happily recommend Renova to any potential clients.


Our Process

Our process is a six stage roadmap which identifies each step of your renovation project. Our process is transparent with succinct actions outlined at every stage.

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