Cookie Policy

The Renova website sets cookies from third parties including Google and Facebook. The information collected from them allows us to see anonymised data on website usage, for instance the number of visitors we have. We do not seek to use analytic data in order to find out who an individual user is.

These cookies are used for analytics to help us improve our website and see what parts of the site are of most interest to our visitors.

We also use cookies for advertising purposes. If you visit our site you may see advertisements from us on other sites or platforms in the future, limited to the third parties mentioned and their partners. Any advertisement you see from us on any other platform is not as a result of a cookie, but general advertising. Again, we have no idea who you are when this occurs. You remain anonymous as far as Renova is concerned. We understand that some people do not like personalised ads. Google allows you to change your personal settings (click here for more information). Similarly your Facebook settings can be adjusted (find out how here) to prevent personalised advertising.

Cookies will not be set at all unless they are accepted by closing the information banner that pops up when you first visit the site, continue to scroll into the site or click on a link within the site. This information is supplied in the banner. If you do not wish to consent to cookies being set you should use the back button on your browser or close the tab to exit the site.


Your privacy is important to us. We may gather personal information from you when you contact us through this site in the form of emails, form submissions or phone calls as is normal in any business interaction. Any data gathered will not be sold to third parties and we will treat your details with the same care that we wish our own personal details to be dealt with elsewhere.

You may request that we remove any information we hold on you at any time with the exception of that which we are required to keep for accounting purposes. However, we can still ensure that you are not contacted by us for any other reason.

You may also interact with us on social media. If you wish you can use the tools of each platform to disconnect your association with us.