Project Management for Renovations. What is it?



The Importance of Management in Construction


Construction projects are complex and require a great deal of planning, coordination, and communication. The importance of good project management in renovations should not be underestimated. In this blog post, we will discuss five reasons why effective project management is essential when managing any type renovation or deep retrofit.


Project Management can be defined as ‘The discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific criteria’. The responsibilities of a project manager in construction include

  • Defining project objectives and plans, including outlining the scope, budgeting, scheduling and setting performance standards.
  • Maximizing the efficient use of resources by procuring labour, materials, and equipment according to the planned schedule.
  • Coordinating and controlling the planning, design, estimation, contracting, and construction process to properly implement various operations.

Building projects can be quite stressful and challenging – even for seasoned project management professionals. There are multiple factors to consider in any retrofit or renovation. From finding the best quote to making important decisions -a project manager is an essential link. They ensure the smooth running of your building project. Efficient project management will ensure that the client receives a finished product that meets their expectations.


The importance of good project management in Renovations requires a wide range of qualities and skills. Projects must be finished on time and within budget. Projects need to adhere to specific building regulations. Strong communication skills are vital, as is the ability to make decisions, problem solve and resolve conflicts. Time management, knowledge of health and safety and experience of the building process – these are all necessary prerequisites in a manager.

The benefits of working with RENOVA is that we plan, budget, design, and monitor costs during your renovation project. We offer a single point of contact for our clients throughout every renovation. We are your project manager.


Early investment in planning, programming and design can deliver benefits and avoid unnecessary costs and delays. The first part of our project management process at RENOVA is agreeing upon the budget. As Chartered Quantity Surveyors we will adhere to this budget. The control of costs requires continual cost management and monitoring throughout the building process.

Renovation work and in particular deep retrofit, requires good project management. Deep Retrofits have several components parts that have to be ‘stitched together’ for a successful build. For example – air-tightness is incorporated into the dry-lining, ventilation goes hand in hand with insulation, plumbing pipework is installed underneath the floor before it is insulated. The sequence of events is specific and cannot be successfully deviated from. There are also a host of jobs and tasks in any building project that are not the responsibility of any particular trade – preparatory works, purchasing materials, ordering skips, filling holes, tidying up, and snagging to name but a few. These jobs are known as ‘builders’ works’ and will become your responsibility if you decide to build by ‘direct labour’.


Your project manager should be fully insured with Public Liability, Employer’s Liability and All Risks Insurance cover. If an accident occurs on site and they are not insured, then you, the homeowner are liable. It is also now legally required of clients to notify the Health and Safety Authority if any work is being carried out on a private, domestic dwelling. The client is obliged to keep a Safety File for the duration of the build. It goes without saying that RENOVA is a fully competent and insured company. We employ our own staff to carry out the works, but subcontractors are needed we ensure that they are reputable, fully registered and insured. As your project manager, we will notify the Health and Safety Authority on your behalf and supply you with the Safety File.