What our Customers say about us

Everyone at Renova is friendly, genuine and customer focused. No request was too small or too big and everyone we worked with went out of their way to make the most out of the process for us. As renovation novices we were given great information, advice and help at each step and now are enjoying the benefits of a modern home that we love.

From initial proposal to design consultation, to handover, Renova’s attention to detail was immaculate. Everything was done to a very high standard, exceeding our expectations at each stage. Early on we realised that not only do Renova want to deliver highly-efficient, comfortable homes but also homes that are designed and styled to each customer.

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We can recommend Renova as being open, flexible and thorough in meeting all challenges, expected and unexpected. Reflecting on the process we wouldn’t hesitate again to put our full trust in Renova to do the right and rigorous thing. Given some of the challenges with our project we are thankful to have had them during our renovation.

From beginning to end and in addressing any snags that came up, Renova have been reliable, responsive and persistent in making sure we’ve been happy with the result. Renova have a very personable approach to delivering great quality renovations and we can’t recommend them highly enough.


Our family home in Brittas Bay dated from the 1950’s and was now owned by 3 sisters and needed a complete modernisation to fit the needs of the 3 families.

Renova offered a full service from architectural and interior design to planning permission and construction and they delivered first class services in every area.

They took care of everything from the waste water treatment to the hard landscaping, incorporating the wishes of the 3 sisters.

The site management was second to none and the challenges of construction during the pandemic were systematically overcome and the project was completed in June.

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Now as we enjoy the wonderful home that Renova have built for us, we can see the benefits of design and cost control inputs from every part of the organisation.

They work as a unit with a common focus on customer satisfaction and we are delighted to be reaping the rewards.


We decided that we needed to insulate our home to a good standard and address some layout issues.  We had met John Martin at an Ideal Homes exhibition many years ago.  We contacted a number of companies including Renova.  The Renova 6 stage process appealed to us and it worked really well for us.  At every stage of the process, we felt we had control and everyone we engaged with wanted us to have a lovely, comfortable home by the end of the project.  Siân worked with us on our design requirements. 

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She spent time finding out what was not working with the layout of our home and what we wished for.  She guided us to achieve a layout that works really well for us.  Our workshops with Siân, Barbara and Paul allowed us to discuss our needs, likes and dislikes.  As a result, we did lots of research and made well informed choices.  Barbara made appointments with our kitchen and bathroom providers.  At both appointments, the providers had been supplied with details of the spaces in advance so choosing our kitchen and bathroom fittings was made very easy with nothing left to chance.  Any questions we had were dealt with promptly. 

By the time work started on our home, we had made decisions on everything.  We just had to sit back and let Kevin and his team do the work.  Work was to be completed in 16 weeks.  Unfortunately, the site was closed for six weeks because of COVID restrictions.  However, as soon work recommenced Kevin ensured we were back in our home after 22 weeks.  The fact that everything was decided on and ordered early in the process was a big advantage and Renova use Irish suppliers.  We were informed of any issues that arose during the project and there was always advice available to arrive at a good solution.  The site was very well managed by Kevin.  To adhere to the social distancing guidelines, we kept our visits to the site to a minimum, but Kevin kept us up-to-date sending us pictures of all developments.  We are now living in a comfortable, energy efficient home which meets our needs and looks really well.  Thanks to the Renova team that helped us realise our dream. 


The primary reasons that we chose to work with Renova were their professionalism and industry knowledge, drafting a detailed timeline and budget, and providing us several references which allowed us to freely ask questions of their previous customers.

Once we agreed on the timeline, they showed up early that morning and immediately started work.  The team working onsite were really great to work with and we could get updates at any time.

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As in a lot of large projects, there were a couple of internal things that were found once the work commenced which Renova quickly advised us of and also provided a couple of options with updated pricing and timelines.  We have heard of many stories from friends who had their own renovation projects which have run over time and budget, but we never had to deal with any of this with Renova.

At the end of the day we were able to move back into our house right on schedule, and the quality of work was impressive.  Several months after moving in we noticed a couple of minor things which required a touch up and Renova promptly returned to fix them.  We’re delighted we chose Renova and didn’t have to deal with a lot of the stress that others we know have had to deal with.


Our house is a terraced house built in the late 1980s and has been rented for the last 20 years. Intending to return and make it our home, we required a complete refit and upgrade of windows, insulation, electricity and plumbing services, as well as a complete redesign of the interior to provide for greater flow of light and space. We also wanted a company which would provide one-stop shop project management from initial work to final product. 

From the outset, when John carried out the initial survey the house, we felt confident we’d chosen the right company. Professional and business-like and clearly on top of his brief, he explained the 6-Stage Process the company follows to ensure the quality and consistency of their work.

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The detailed checklist used to provide the initial estimate was the central document used for all subsequent conversations at the company’s premises and this allowed for focused meetings to nail down the work and finish details at the company’s design studios. The initial budget estimate proved to be very close to the final agreed figure and with details of the payment stages clearly laid out and frequent updates of the ongoing costs, budget control was made very easy and straightforward. 

Workshops at the company’s design studio with Siân and Barbara were very professional and enjoyable and their experience was invaluable. It’s a testimony to the preparation process that, by the time construction began, we had only minor involvement, other than to visit and see our old house transform, as well as agree minor aesthetic changes. Nothing was a problem, in fact everyone we dealt with at Renova approached each question in problem-solving mode, a great measure of their collective experience. 

During the actual construction phase, we were given Paul’s, overall site manager, and Barry’s, site foreman, numbers and both were a pleasure to deal with. Always available to answer any queries, not once did they make us feel we’d asked a silly question and were always keen that we visit the site whenever we wished. Perhaps the best we can say about their professionalism is that several of our neighbours mentioned (unprompted) how hardworking, courteous and helpful Barry and his team were, always going out of their way to accommodate neighbour’s needs (this was pandemic time). zsaw 


Aftercare has been as professional as every other aspect of the job and it’s noticeable that the subcontractors Renova use are every bit as diligent as the company itself. 

In short, we can’t speak highly enough of the entire Renova ethos. What they say they’ll do, they’ll do and they do it very well. Should we ever need to, we’d use Renova again without hesitation and with complete trust. Great example of an Irish company doing top class work. 


“I waited a year to write this testimonial. Renova promised a beautifully designed, energy efficient home and excellent after sales service. One year after they packed up their tools and sent in their meticulous cleaners I can unequivocally state that Renova delivered everything they promised, and more.

Our home works and looks exactly as they left it, and continues to delight. Our energy bills are really low.

Renova kept to the budget, kept to the schedule and kept their promise of a top quality, comfortable, efficient home, delivered without stress. Every single team member was professional, talented and a pleasure to deal with. We actually enjoyed the process of renovating our home and would use them again without hesitation.”

“We are delighted with our choice of Renova for our deep retrofit project. We enjoyed our interaction with both your staff and all the professionals involved including both Carragh Paving and Murphy Sheanon Landscaping.

Your professionalism and attention to detail were impressive and we look forward to using your services again.”

Renova were a pleasure to deal with from beginning to end. They took all of the hassle out of the renovation process.

Everything on our project was dealt with efficiently and with flair. There is a sense that everyone in Renova takes pride in their work.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. 

“After many years and much deliberation, we took the plunge and began our renovation with Renova. 

We have never looked back. We love every aspect of our “new” home and are fond of saying – it’s a new joy every day. 

Our renovation took place during the early stages of the pandemic – just to add to the drama – but this was no problem for such an able, capable and professional team 

From our first dealings with John, to all of our studio meetings, planning and then design meetings for finishes, fixtures and finishes – it was a pleasure. Renovating doesn’t have to be stressful – you just need Renova – to smooth the ripples for you, even in a pandemic. 

We moved back in – on time and on budget – quite the feat given the circumstances. 

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Everything was immaculate, and no stone is left unturned to meet our requirements – this is a first-class service. 

In fact, the project was so well managed by them, that it was easy to enjoy, not many can say that, of a renovation. 

John, Paul, Sian, Ger and the team at base – Barbara and Yvonne – all could not have been nicer to deal with, communication is the key here and it is faultless. 

I almost miss them! 

Take the stress out – have Renova in.” 


We have been very happy with the services that Renova have provided during our extensive renovation project. From the beginning the engagement has been very positive, with John leading through the initial process. The turnkey approach of Renova suited our circumstances well and we felt comfortable to hand the responsibility for the entire works to them. During the project, Alan and Sian took great care to take our objectives into account and gave us very considered professional advice. The team around Brendan on site was excellent – again, professional, maintaining a clean site and very helpful when it came to accommodating our wishes. We would call out Brendan’s ability to communicate with the neighbours and making sure disruptions were minimised where possible. In summary, we would be very happy to recommend Renova.

We approached Renova, having contracted to buy a period house which required renovation. We were impressed at their approach and methodology from the initial meeting. While we knew this was the house for us, we had some reservations in embarking on the project. Firstly, we found the prospect of engaging multiple construction professionals daunting. We wanted to get the project underway as soon as possible and we were concerned that engaging several professionals would result in delay. Secondly, having just purchased the house, we were keen to have visibility on the costs and to avoid cost overruns. Renova’s offering was attractive because we felt that it would give more visibility on timing and budget. In addition to that, Renova’s approach was business-like and they seemed to recognise that certainty and service were important to us.

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We were impressed that John was in a position to commit to having a crew onsite soon after we completed the sale. During the pre-construction stage, we had a number of design meetings at the Renova studio. Sian and the design team were on hand to lead these meetings but the advantage of the Renova approach was that if there was a QS or construction query, it could be dealt with there and then. Because Renova have multiple crews onsite at any time, they are up to speed with finishes and they are able to guide you in the right direction. They have samples of tiles, doors, flooring and window finishes which they find work well in the studio for clients to look at. This took a lot of leg work out of the process. The team is experienced and was very helpful in making recommendations as to what works well.

Kevin and his team went onsite in December 2018. Alan and Anthony were very good at communicating the project management plan and timings, so that there was no situation where a decision was left until the last moment. Kevin was an absolute pleasure to deal with and our neighbours were full of praise for the respectful and considerate way he managed the site. Kevin and his team approached the renovation in a meticulous way, really taking pride in every last detail and ensuring a really good finish. We cannot praise Kevin enough.

The project was completed on time, which really was so important to us. It also came in on budget and there were no nasty surprises on the cost front. We now live in a house that is almost 100 years old but which is as warm and comfortable as a new build. We really would not hesitate to recommend Renova to anyone embarking on a renovation project.


“This was the second time that our family had dealt with Alan Stevens and on each occasion we have been impressed by his reliability, integrity and efficiency. On this particular occasion time was of the essence as I had a fixed date to move into my new home. RENOVA delivered on their promise and an old, cold, dark and dreary 100 year old cottage was transformed into my contemporary, cosy, bright and energy-efficient new home, and I moved in on the promised date. RENOVA’s wealth of knowledge and attention to detail helped to turn a potentially complicated event into an enjoyable and exciting experience. I’m delighted with the results and would highly recommend RENOVA.”

Renova was recommended to us by friends.  It was an absolute pleasure doing business with this company.  From our first meeting with John Martin, wrapped up in our artic cold holiday house, to the time of handover, by Alan Stevens, where we could be comfortably bare foot in our new home, we couldn’t be happier with the result.  It was the quality of a show home, ready to move straight in.

We initially had worries as we were in Dublin and not on hand if anything needed checking but this was never a problem as communication was always second to none.  This was due to the unique one stop shop, and one contractor to fulfil the project from beginning to end.

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They transformed our 70’s build holiday home of a BER G rating to a 21st century A3 rating and future proofed it for us.  With added floor space and a vaulted roof they expanded our space beyond our visions, all the while within our budget.
Sian’s design expertise and working in our lifestyle and needs was second to none.

We highly commend them for their quality of work and after service too. Their staff were always professional and the site was meticulously maintained by foreman Barry.

We also love hearing our friends, neighbours and passer bys compliments on the fantastic job completed.  Thanks to John, Alan, Sian, Barry and all the brilliant Renova Team.


From the first time we met the guys from Renova we were very impressed with their professionalism. We were making a significant investment into a project and what we needed was someone who understood what we wanted to achieve and someone to be a partner rather than just a contractor.

I was impressed with the amount of time that Renova gave to the project even before we had officially engaged them. They helped organise the planning approvals, designed the necessary plans and proposals and spent a lot of time listening to us so that they understood the outcome we were aiming to achieve. This was before we had paid them a penny and probably took about six months before we were all happy with where the project was heading.

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Once we handed the house keys over to them we were very comfortable with how the project was managed and all issues were discussed as soon as they arose and any amendments or changes to the budget were always agreed at the earliest possible point.

Where they weren’t carrying out some of the work directly they always had a range of solutions that were available and offered to us so we could approve the use of subcontractors. Obviously they had to ensure that any sub contractors used were of a similar standard to Renova as ultimately responsibility for the project rested with them.

I am pleased to say that the end product was exactly as we had agreed although my wife was finding little bonus things that she hadn’t expected to see for a few weeks after we moved back in.

Finally the after care provided by Renova continues to be of the standard provided throughout the project.

If you are planning a project and you are willing to pay that little bit extra for peace of mind I strongly recommend that you speak to Renova. They may not be the cheapest but they are the best in their field.


We engaged RENOVA to renovate an apartment that we had just purchased. They provided a super overall service from first contact to final handover.

We had a single point of contact for the duration of the job that was always reliable and available. We were based outside Dublin so were pleased that Renova managed a complete refit with us needing only one site visit during the entire process. They dealt with minor on-site problems independently without allowing them to cause delays.

All enquires and queries were dealt with in a timely and efficient manner including dealing with neighbours in a sensitive manner. RENOVA also handled all contacts with the management company.

Their design studio proved to be a fantastic asset that made the selection of all the fittings and finishes so easy and hassle free.

There was full transparency on costs before the project began and the job finished on budget and on schedule, with no nasty surprises.

We bought a house in the Tenters in Dublin, part of the Liberties.  Built in 1922, it hadn’t been touched since then, with some small extension and some electricity added.  Safe to say that the house needed complete overhaul and refurbishment.  We had seen photo’s of a similar property brought back to life by Renova, so we contacted them.

From day 1, we experienced a professional and helpful approach which gave us great confidence.  Estimates and costs developed and support for those to explain why something would cost what it did.  Change requests were handled rapidly and costed, up or down depending on what we had changed.  We really appreciated that there is a full team of professionals available to us – from design to pricing to interior design, execution and budget control.

In the end, our house was completely rebuilt, literally stripped down to a shell and rebuilt.  The result was superb and even more than we had expected it to be.

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Everything came in on time, and while we made several last minute adjustments, nothing was ever too much or created hassle.  When we moved in, the team arrived a day later, and went through the house looking for faults; the couple of minor issues found were scheduled and resolved quickly. As an example we had a problem with our heating system late Friday evening a couple weeks later (user driven!) and we sent an email describing the issue, asking for help – not expecting an answer there and then.  20 minutes later, the plumber called us and talked us through the issue, at 8pm on a Friday night.

Everyone in the Renova team is a consummate professional.  They know their subject and area very well.  They covered planning permission, gas connections, electrical and water connections.  Superb advice, and always willing to look at alternatives and advise us.  It was helpful to have a one stop shop of dedicated individuals to take us on this journey.  We absolutely could not have done this on our own, and I would challenge anyone to meet the timing they achieved.  People who live in the area have approached us many times complimenting the finished article, and we are very proud of our new home!


RENOVA were responsive at the outset to our initial query to fully renovate a well-built 2 bedroomed apartment which had been well maintained but otherwise essentially untouched nor modernized over the 40 years since it was built. They provided a timely and detailed budget, and worked hand in hand with us, across the design and implementation of the refurbishment, adhering closely to the budget. When other alternatives were uncertain around resources and commencement dates, RENOVA demonstrated they could commit to a realistic start date, follow closely the programme milestones, and when the need arose to consider alternative options whether building work, heating or plumbing systems, or interiors – they were able to present us with sensible and cost effective options from which to choose without compromising the schedule.

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RENOVA may not at first assessment seem the cheapest option, but our experience was one of full value for our money, high quality design and workmanship, with transparent and accurate budgeting. We would recommend them to clients looking to complete a comprehensive apartment refurbishment and full turnkey solution with one contractor.


From the moment we met John Martin we knew Renova were in a different league to other renovation companies or contractors. We had done renovations before to previous properties, but this one was on a whole other scale and we knew we needed a team that would make the project go as smoothly as possible. Apart from their great website, what initially attracted us to Renova was the one-stop-shop approach. Knowing that all works could be carried out under one contract made the project more manageable.

After the schedule of works and costs were finalised, contracts complete, Alan Stevens came to the project.

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As a designer I had every space thought out and designed, and therefore was particularly impressed with the amount of time that Alan and his team invested to ensure my high expectations were met. There were a lot of design meetings! From there we went on site, Gerard Kelly came on board as the site foreman and from day one I was completely confident in his work, his attention to detail is meticulous and he really thinks things through as to how they’re going to look and function when finished. Someone asked me during the build was it stressful, and I can honestly say that we didn’t find it stressful. That was due to the confidence we had in the Renova team. It wasn’t all plain sailing, as in most renovations or building works something will go wrong somewhere along the line. However, we were hugely impressed with how Renova dealt with the any issues that arose.

We are settling back into our lovely newly refurbished home, with a huge thanks to the all the hard work by everyone in Renova. We really appreciate the attention to detail and the willingness to go the extra mile to get the finished result that we wanted. We’d highly recommend Renova to anyone looking to transform their home.


We decided to renovate our house and contacted 4 companies. Of the 4 RENOVA were the only ones we felt confident with. From speaking to friends and hearing horror stories I was always concerned with a renovation that you are you’re compromising on certain aspects, and things like budgets jumping up and timelines being extended. Everything was upfront and honest from costs to deadlines. RENOVA took and 1890’s cottage with a 1960’s extension and brought it up to date, making it a warm and comfortable home. Looking back after nearly 2 years living here, we’re still delighted with the work and would highly recommend John, Alan, Penny, Joe  and everyone else that worked on the project.

Working with Alan and John was very easy. They guided us along the way after what we had thought would be a stressful journey. They didn’t impose their ideas of what they thought we should have but worked with us to develop our vision of what we wanted.

It was a pleasure to work with them and the renovation team who were completely professional at all times. We felt our 105 year old house was safe in their hands.

It turns out we were not wrong. I would recommend them without any hesitation.

When I decided to have my house renovated, Renova popped up in my Google Search. I was impressed with their website and arranged a meeting with John Martin. From the get-go, I knew I was in the right hands. The plans that John drew up were extremely detailed. His advice on what I needed and importantly what I didn’t need, was excellent.

The work done by Kevin and his team was superb. Their professionalism was second to none. My neighbours all commented on their courtesy and consideration towards them.

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I don’t know anything about interior design but that was not a problem as Penny did an amazing job for me. The photos speak for themselves.

The work was completed on time and on budget. Renova changed my drab, cold house into a modern, warm home. I recommend Renova to anyone considering a deep retrofit. You won’t be disappointed.


We are absolutely delighted with the service RENOVA provided. They made the process easy from beginning to end and the quality of the work they produced is excellent. They maximised space and light while ensuring that the house was made energy efficient. RENOVA kept to our budget and were very friendly and professional to deal with throughout the process. Along with the end product, one of the things that we were most happy with was how issues were dealt with. Issues are obviously inevitable but they way in which RENOVA deals with them is to be commended. It should also be noted that their after service is also excellent.

We engaged Renova to modernise the ground floor of our home in Howth specifically the kitchen, dining and living areas at the rear of the house.

One of the main benefits in using Renova was having one central contact person for the entire project. Alan was so knowledgeable and helpful to us. He provided weekly progress updates as well as keeping us informed of any budget impacts. All of the Renova staff that worked on-site were courteous and considerate at all times.

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We had a new baby due around the time of the completion date so we were concerned about any slippage to the timeline. We needn’t have worried – Renova delivered to the exact date promised and it was wonderful to bring our baby home to such a lovely new house!

Every aspect of the project was handled professionally and we would have no hesitation in recommending Renova. We now have a modern, warm and comfortable home.


When you decide to renovate your home there is, inevitably, a degree of nervousness about the project – you generally only get one go at these type of jobs! There were also a lot of questions: have we put the right programme of works together? will we get value for money? what will the finish be like? what about all the decisions to be made? Not least – did we select the right company? The night before work began on our house, John Martin from Renova sent a email to us saying “Don’t worry – you are in good hands”. And so it proved to be.

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The project was very much a collaborative effort between Renova and ourselves and from initial design, through the renovation/retrofit works, and finally on to completion and snagging, the whole project ran well. Our interactions with the various members of the team were always positive and were informed by their experience, expertise, a willingness to solve problems and courtesy. The all-in design, build and finish service is a very attractive proposition for home renovation. Renova deliver that service well and we are delighted with the finished product.


“After many years of indecision and not without a great deal of trepidation we decided to remove an existing large corrugated iron shed/garage from the bottom of our small town garden and replace it with a small building which would serve as a studio for me to work from also incorporating a shed cum storage area. We first approached Murphy Austin architects who drew up a plan for a beautiful simple light filled building, which they brought to planning permission stage. When we started looking for builders the architects suggested approaching Renova.

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They had worked with them on a previous project and felt that Renova’s formula of providing a one stop shop with a full team on board was a better and more efficient option to employing several independent contractors with all the headaches and time management issues that can entail for the client. It was good advice. From the outset we were impressed with Alan Stevens and John Martin. A budget was put in place and a payment plan from the beginning and everything was documented for us so that we knew exactly how much it would all cost. Alan would oversee the job and Lorcan Nolan was appointed as site manager. Lorcan was at all times approachable, reliable, courteous and careful, our neighbours loved him, he was very mindful of the disruption a building site can cause to those living around and kept a very close eye on the running of the site. Every evening everything was left clean and tidy, the common areas swept and clean and there was a great sense of order and professionalism to the job. A really beautiful building ensued which has made a huge difference to my working life. I can safely say we were sorry to see Renova go, they really minded us throughout and problem solved without drama or cost when issues arose.”


“As we edge towards Winter, we really appreciate (as a family), what a wonderful improvement Renova’s quality workmanship has made to the comfort level of this seventy year old semi D in Dublin. It is eight months now since Renova transformed what was once an uninsulated draughty house into our cosy new A3-rated family home – and we are lovin it!

When I first came across Renova on a Google search for building renovators, I was very impressed by the photographic evidence on the Renova.ie website of the before, during and after stages of each Retrofit completed by the company.

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I was also taken by the number of verifiable testimonials recommending Renova’s friendly team and the high quality of their workmanship.

Having consulted with independent architects and builders about the possible complexities of the job and feeling frustrated and confused by the divergence of opinion and cost, it was refreshing to talk to a specialist retrofit company like Renova who could supply a tailored solution to our needs from their One-Stop-Shop.

After an initial meeting with John at the the house to be retrofitted, and our subsequent family meetings with Alan the Project Manager (John’s Business Partner) Sian, (Renova’s in-house Architect), and Gerard (our onsite Foreman), three things stood out to us about the Renova approach.

Firstly, they have a straight talking, can-do and personable approach to everything.

Secondly, the depth of the combined Renova Team knowledge-base, gained from previously successfully completed projects, is extensive.

Thirdly, the co-ordinated approach Renova brought to our Project’s Process, Scheduling and Execution meant that when we wanted to add items to the already agreed budget, there was a well oiled mechanism within their process to ensure everything was transparent and scheduled, and there were no surprises on costs or construction.

Sian’s proposal in particular for the new kitchen/living and separate utility room was an immediate hit with my wife, and exceeded her expectations with its combination of elegance and practicality.

What we learned from our retrofit journey is that each retrofit is a unique and complex job, and that having a company like Renova at the hub of the Architectural/Interior Design, Project Management and Construction Phases of the Project, de-stressed much of the building experience process for us the client family.

Renova are a wonderful team of skilled professionals who have helped breath new life into an old family home.

Thank you John, Alan, Sian, Gerard and all at Renova for such a lovely job.”


“We are delighted with our modern, energy efficient and sleek new extension. Expecting our 2nd child we had a fixed timeline to be adhered to and Renova did not let us down. All staff were approachable, they attentively listened to our needs and whilst it may not seem very important, we appreciated their courteous approach with our neighbours who commented on how tidy, polite and efficient Renova were.

We had a few special requests e.g. to build a fireplace, a functional utility room and a special layout of a bathroom to be changed in a few years (out with the baby changing station in with a shower), which was not a problem.

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Whilst delighted with their work the true differentiator for us is their customer service. We had a few minor issues and even up until recently (1.5 years later) it has never been a problem to arrange for our head builder to pop around and help fix.

We would happily recommend Renova to others.”


“We are very happy with the quality of the work done by Renova who refurbished our apartment. We received detailed estimates, they oversaw the work and it was completed within the timeframe outlined and within budget. John and Alan were available at all times for consultation and advice. Penny’s expertise and advice on fittings and colour schemes was excellent. The work done by the team is of a very high standard. We are now living in a very comfortable, well insulated and well designed space. We felt we were in the hands of professionals who oversaw every aspect of the refurbishment and a foreman and employees who carried out the work to a high standard. We have no hesitation in recommending Renova to others.”

“From the moment we contacted Renova and had our initial consultation with John the level professionalism shown was outstanding. It was clear that this was the right decision, an otherwise daunting and stressful undertaking was made easy and enjoyable by the whole RENOVA team.

Respectful, quiet and tidy is not normally words associated with a renovation site but it was these qualities exhibited by the Renova team carrying out the work on our home which was commented on by all our new neighbours at the time. Neither of us had the time with our busy schedules to project manage numerous contractors to complete such a big renovation and refurbishment.

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This is where Renova stepped in to their own and project managed everything from the initial full strip out of the house to the completion and handing back the keys to our lovely home. They turned a tired 1970’s house that was in dire need of some love and attention to a warm and energy efficient home.

Renova delivered on everything they promised and have an excellent after sales service. With John and Alan at the helm, time management and budget constraints where all adhered to. They were both on hand, along with site manager at all times during the renovation to discuss any details. If any issues arose, they were communicated to us straight away and solutions were found whether changes to a technical specification or design. John and Alan were always on top of things and always very honest with any suggestions or amendments that cropped up.

The design phase went very smoothly, thanks to Penny assisting us with every detail, she was unbelievably helpful and patient.  Penny has an incredible eye for details and works tirelessly to ensure the client is happy with the finish.

We were thrilled with the high-quality finish and high standard of refurbishments which exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend the RENOVA team and would certainly use them for any future work we require to be done on our home!!”


“Renova provided detailed advice at the concept stage of the project.

Completed the design to the agreed scope, and made a successful planning application to the local authority.

Provided interior design advice over several meetings, and were very understanding of my changes of mind.

Included the complete project in their scope of work, including electrical, plumbing, kitchen, and decoration.

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This was a great relief as there was no requirement for me to engage or coordinate other contractors. (except garden-patio)

Carried out the construction and renovation to the promised time line, not withstanding several additional items (including additional front porch and living room to kitchen double doorway).

Keeping the schedule was very helpful as I needed to coordinate my visits overseas with the schedule.

Were very responsive to the few minor issues arising after the handover.

Responded quickly to clarify and comply with comments made in the SEAI Compliance Audit.

Provided additional on site guidance on the operation of the heating system when requested several months after handover.”


“Our decision to downsize in 2017 meant that our investment apartment had to be totally remodelled. It had been a rented property for twenty years.
We chanced upon Renova on the internet followed by a meeting at an Exhibition at the RDS and were impressed by their approach. Their understanding of our requirements and their thoroughness in costing the complete project were the initial reasons we decided to proceed with them.

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The clear communication throughout with the in house design team made our project much easier to manage. Their sensitivity to the issues involved in an apartment complex was much appreciated by our new neighbours. These issues included noise, construction workers moving through common areas, delivery vehicles amongst others. Our project finished on time, on budget and on good terms. We would recommend Renova 100%.”


RENOVA’s main asset is its friendly and helpful staff, a super team.

The design team gave us some great ideas that we would not have thought of ourselves.

The site was always kept clean and tidy and the finished home was better than we expected.

The job was completed on time and within budget.

“For a few years, we had thought of renovating our house in Malahide with a view to achieving a few specific goals. One of our main aims was to open up the front hallway by removing a downstairs toilet and introduce more light into our very dark kitchen which faces due North. We also wanted to create more space in our kitchen / dining area by removing a solid wall connecting to an existing garage extension to the rear of the house and to make better use of the garage itself.

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We visited the Ideal Homes exhibition in Autumn 2016, and were pleased to meet John Martin and his Renova team. It was clear to us from the start that Renova had the personnel and expertise to undertake the type of renovations we were looking for. Whereas, many firms of Architects and builders that we met at the exhibition specialised in major building works and extensions, it appeared to us that Renova (as their name suggests) seemed to concentrate on renovation and insulation of existing homes with a view to making better functional use of existing space and making homes brighter, warmer and more energy efficient. In this regard, it was clear from the start that Renova were a perfect fit to fulfil our specific needs.

We arranged to meet John in our home in Malahide in January 2017, and explained our specific needs. He listened carefully to our requirements, and made a number of very helpful and practical suggestions at this first meeting. He explained how Renova operated as a company and the different stages of planning prior to the commencement of work on the house. Within days of this initial meeting, John provided a very detailed estimate of the cost and a definite timescale for the works. As early as this initial meeting, it was clear to us that we were dealing with a highly professional company with detailed experience in all aspects of home renovation – and hence we had no hesitation in signing a contract with Renova to undertake the work.

For us, a key advantage of working with Renova on this project, was their expertise in all aspects of interior design and layout. From our early meetings with Penny to our final meeting with Stephen (just prior to the commencement of works in May 2017) , all aspects of layout and interior design were discussed in detail. These discussions were not just about what style of new kitchen and bathroom we would like – it went down to minute details of types of door handles, internal doors and paint colour e.t.c. As it was often quite difficult for us to visualise these aspects (prior to seeing them in-situ), we really appreciated the ideas and helpful suggestions of the Renova team, most of which are now incorporated into our transformed home.

Our initial confidence in Renova was very much reinforced when we met with Robert and his team in the first few days of the work. Robert was so accommodating and had such a pleasant manner that he put our minds at ease straight away. Brian, who took over subsequently when Robert was on leave, was equally professional and accommodating in his approach. From the start, we knew we had no need to supervise the works, and only required the occasional visit to say hello, admire the workmanship of the team and discuss some minor decisions that had to be made along the way.  We very much appreciate that Robert took the time to talk to our neighbours before commencing the work to explain what was to happen. All our neighbours subsequently attested to the professionalism and consideration shown by the Renova team throughout the three months of the works.

Early on in the project, John wrote to advise us to expand the scope of the project to include a total replacement of the existing heating system – as the current system used gun barrel piping that was old and would leak in time. Now that we are enjoying our cosy, and hugely more heat efficient home, we are so glad that we followed John’s recommendation. The additional work did not add significantly to the overall cost of the project and represented really good value for money.

When we moved back into our newly renovated home, we were truly gobsmacked by the transformation that had taken place in terms of extra light, space, functionality and the overall look and feel of the finished product.  We were also struck by the quality of the finish and workmanship throughout. This quality of finish was due entirely to the expertise and specialist skills of the team employed by Renova – including their plasterer, plumber, electrician, and painter. There were also a number of pleasant surprises where Renova had gone beyond the initial specification to ensure the overall look and feel of the place was of the highest quality. To say that Renova had exceeded our expectations is a significant understatement. All of our neighbours and friends who have called to see the finished product have had the same jaw-dropping reaction when seeing the finished product for the first time.

When we had settled back into our newly renovated home, Alan paid us a visit to survey the final product for himself and go through our snag list. We were highly impressed that he not only made sure that all items on the snag list were speedily attended to, but he also readily acceded to our request for one or two final changes to the initial specification that we felt would improve the overall look of our newly renovated home. Alan also made it clear that we should have no hesitation in contacting Revova at any time should any issues subsequently arise – now that really is after sales service with a smile!

Overall we are thrilled with the transformation to our home in Malahide. As we sit having breakfast in our lovely new, spacious and bright dining room, we almost feel as if we are in our back garden. This is courtesy of the huge new back window that makes our back garden an integral part of our new dining room – a design feature entirely conceived and implemented by Renova.

The renovation of our home in Malahide was a very positive experience for us, and this is due to the highly skilled and professional staff at Renova, their accommodating nature and their overall attitude to their work and the people they deal with. We have no hesitation in recommending them highly for any renovation work of a similar nature.”


“Sitting in our nice cosy A3 BER rated house on a chilly day in January it’s very easy to see the value of the works that Renova did for us.  This time last year this house was a drafty E2 that was either too hot for me or too cold for my wife.   Now a consistent temperature between 19-21°C is the 24 hour climate, thanks to excellent insulation, underfloor heating and an air source heat pump.

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What attracted us to Renova after our own extensive research into insulation and energy efficiency was the comprehensive package that their retrofitting company provides.   John and Alan have successfully combined their professional training with their considerable experience into a specialist service that goes far beyond the bricks and mortar. The fact that Renova has its own dedicated team of experienced and talented tradesmen was also a considerable factor in our choice.  Knowing the work is to be carried out by a dependable and reliable team provides a guarantee of quality workmanship that is not available when sub-contractors are relied on.  It also ensures that a tight timetable and accurate cost analysis can be realistic expectations.

John and Alan were able to analyse what each insulation measure would bring to the overall improvements and could fully explain the folly of any half-baked attempts.  It became clear as we discussed the works to be done and got to the quotation from John that Renova was just the professional outfit we needed.  Renova promised when the works were done that we would be walking into a show house. There would be a timetabled process where we chose bathrooms, kitchens, doors, windows, lighting etc. with the guidance of the interior designer, Penny.

Knowing we were dealing with such a professional team freed us up to consider some reorganising of the interior of our home; initially it was just to be a deep retrofit insulation. In the end, and thanks to the considerable patience of John and Alan, we have ended up where every room in our “new” house has benefitted from the Renova touch.

We were particularly keen on getting as environmentally friendly a heating system as possible and Stephen was just the man to guide us here with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area.

And as promised we did effectively walk into a show house that just happened to be in the exact location we had left 5 months previously.  The pride in the work as the foreman Kevin showed us around was palpable, with extra touches everywhere that we had not specified (or thought of really).

Again when Alan came for the snag list, his sense of pride in what really was a fantastic effort was very evident and there was no attempt at all to dismiss any of our very minor snags. We had a good chat with Alan this day and again could get a feel for how John and Alan complement each other so well.

We can highly recommend Renova and their work to anyone thinking of the daunting task of major renovation. All during the process they provided solutions rather than problems and once the works began we left them at it, not visiting again until 2 weeks before we moved back. You don’t have to “keep an eye” on their work. Neighbours all complimented the workers and how they marshalled the site with very little disruption. They couldn’t get over the fact that even the grass was mowed during the renovation.

If you want the best job done, headache free, then Renova is your bespoke solution.”


“Following our house purchase we recently completely a fairly large upgrade/refurbishment to our house. The property was in need of modernising and having previously lived in a number of cold, drafty homes we were very keen to undertake a deep retro to include insulation, heating and plumbing upgrade and fit out albeit within our budget. We have a young family and  busy work lives and had never really undertaken a project like this before.

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We looked around at a number of builders/contractors including some who were recommended to us by family/friends. I also came across Renova by chance following an internet search. I liked what I initially saw on their website but I did not know anyone who had dealt with them before. In any event from our first meeting with John Martin it was clear they were a very professional and thorough in their dealings with us and got involved 100% in the project from the first contact. In our first meeting we gave him an idea of what we wanted to do and our budget for the project.  I was very impressed initially when John agreed to attend at the property on a number of occasions and subsequently provided us with a detailed cost estimate and recommendations of works to be undertaken in line with our budget. We also met him at the property a number of times which further assisted us greatly in making decisions around what we would do with the property. To be honest while we dealt with other builders and got quotes from them the decision to go with Renova was relatively easy in the end. They were by far the most professional, helpful and had a full team of experts available and ready to be involved within their company.  When the project started we were introduced to the site foreman who was a complete star and really excellent point of contact for us the whole way through the project. He was easy to deal with, very interested in his work and went out of his way to accommodate any of our requests or meetings with him. He kept a clean and immaculate site at all times and even went around to the neighbours before starting the heavy building works to introduce himself and let them know what was going on. This made it very easy to us when we eventually moved in and we have very grateful and thankful neighbours now!   The project was completed on time and within budget. The help and assistance we got all the through in design, lay out and upgrade of works was really impressive. In summary and looking back overall we found Renova excellent to deal with, very professional in their work and the finished product is better than anything we could have expected. I would highly recommend them.”


“I met John Martin at an Ideal Homes exhibition in 2015.  At the time we were looking to renovate an old apartment in order to sell it on.  Renova changed the layout, put in a new heating system, kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and complete redecoration.  The work was completed on time and on budget.

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We were so impressed with Renova that when we were contemplating moving ourselves, we asked John to view the apartment with us.  He gave us confidence that we would be able to make a very dated space into the home we wanted.  The apartment was gutted and the space rearranged.  Extra insulation and a new heating system was added.   A new kitchen, bathrooms, wardrobes and fitted storage was added.  New floors were laid, and the place was completely redecorated.

Renova’s experience added greatly to the design of our apartment and we are very grateful for their persistence in making sure some of our ideas could be achieved.

This was not an easy build.  All rubble, equipment and new supplies had to be carried up and down three flights of stairs.  We found everyone on the build professional, thoughtful and good humoured throughout.

We are now well settled in our ‘new home’, and every time we turn the key in the door we know we made the right decision in moving and engaging Renova.”


“Given our so very positive experience with RENOVA, we now wonder why we ever dreaded undertaking a significant renovation of our house.

We undertook a major internal renovation downstairs in a regular 4-bedroom semi-detached house as well as installing a combination of internal and external insulation. We took the opportunity to upgrade our heating, electrics and windows and then simply did a house-wide redecoration.

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Before committing to RENOVA we were impressed by the professional showrooms and the very informative meeting with John Martin. It was obvious that John knew the ins and outs of each aspect of the job and immediately a debate of the pros and cons of each option helped us to clarify what would best meet our needs. To leave that meeting with a very good ball park of anticipated line-by-line costs was refreshing. Our final bill was not far off that initial estimate.

Clarity of costs at every step of the process made decision-making much easier. Our house had a few hidden surprises for RENOVA and subsequent decisions had to be made. The pros and costs of each option was always outlined and always included any cost implications.

Once work commenced the professional approach onsite was impressive; the way the site was set up, liaison with neighbours and regular meetings and briefings were the order of the day. It was such a relief not to have to think ahead and seek out various trades at the right time. The package of skills within RENOVA meant that every single piece of work was completed to perfection. Alan rivalled our own penchant for perfection in finish and maybe even surpassed us. Some time afterwards some minor items needed addressing; these were addressed in a timely manner as part of the aftercare. This resulted in an end product that was second to none.

The motivation of all of those working for and associated with RENOVA was most pleasing. Everyone turned up when they said they would. If there was ever any doubt about anything a call was made. As clients we only received courtesy and full inclusion at all times. RENOVA’s greatest assets are its people and the way that they organise and structure their approach to a project.

Agreeing to have RENOVA undertake this work has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. If we ever needed work done in the future we would not waste time looking elsewhere but would return to RENOVA every time.”


“We talked about renovating our house for years and in particular opening up the dark kitchen to introduce light and to enjoy the views of the back garden. After talking to several architects we had concerns about the escalating budget estimates. A friend of ours, who had just had a major renovation project completed by Renova, recommended that we talk to them.

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From the outset we realised that Renova fitted our requirements exactly. There was a professional approach to the project from start to finish. We had several meetings with John to discuss our requirements. He listened to our wish-list and his advice was practical and appropriate. We agreed an itemised budget estimate (including a contingency figure) and a date for starting and completing the work. We met Paddy, the foreman, in advance and he kept in contact over the duration of the work. As a courtesy he also called to our neighbours to introduce himself and to allay any concerns about disruption during the course of the project.

From our perspective the project was stress free. Renova scheduled all the different tradesmen. The quality of work was superb. Paddy is a master carpenter and he did a wonderful job matching architraves and skirting boards to the original Victorian surrounds.  Penny, the interior consultant, advised us about design details, materials and costs. Fiachra did an amazing job incorporating some of the old bricks into a feature wall as a backdrop for the stove. Alan was very helpful advising us on details such as sockets and power-points when the space was a shell and it was difficult to visualise the final layout. Throughout the course of the project we asked for additions to the original contract such as new high output radiators. Nothing was a problem. The work started and finished on time and within budget. All in all, the project was a very positive experience, due mainly to the attitude, professionalism and skills of the Renova staff.

Now that we have moved back to the house we are thrilled with the transformation. Unfortunately the rest of the house could benefit from the Renova touch. If we decide to give a facelift to the rest of the house we won’t look any further than Renova.”


“The foundation to the success of our project was due to the time, knowledge, common sense and patience provided by John in reference to our proposal.

Our ideas were very carefully considered, discussed and where possible were improved. As we moved through the proposal, John prepared a detailed specification, which was costed and frequently updated  so we knew exactly the likely financial outcome at all times.

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Then having decided on the final proposal, Alan took over. When the building started he had everything set up for the works to proceed, which they did without hindrance from the word “go”.

Any suggestions that we had during the course of the works were positively discussed and where possible were acted upon and implemented without further discussion or reminder from us.

Throughout we were very impressed by the standard of workmanship, the organisation and management of the works, the respect for our property and for our neighbours.

Our visits were on a “needs be” bases because we had complete confidence in the RENOVA team and this is still our view today having lived in the renovated house for the past few months.

The rest of the back room staff in RENOVA were equally supportive and are totally up to date on furnishings, materials, suppliers and costings etc. This saved leg work and improved on value.

RENOVA’s work practices are, in our view, the best  approach to a building project. Very efficient and very easy to understand.  Add to this their building expertise and you can safely conclude that the end result will be to your complete satisfaction, as it was in our case.”


“We moved to the US in 2000 and rented out our family home in Dublin.  In 2016 we started to think about returning to Dublin and the work that our old home needed to accommodate our needs.  We were living as Ex-pats in Germany and would not be in Dublin to “project manage” or supervise any part of the build.  We decided to use RENOVA to completely renovate and extend our home.  On meeting John Martin and Alan Stevens, we knew we were in safe hands.

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Their expertise would have our home warm and dry on completion.  On visits home we were impressed by their team of RENOVA skilled workforce, their timeliness on the build, the cleanliness of the site and most of all by their attention to detail and after care at the end of the job.  We would highly recommend RENOVA.”


“Understanding this was a very personal undertaking of a much loved family home (since 1922) and we needed to make sure we got it right first time and to a high standard ….which Renova delivered above and beyond.

Renova gave us peace of mind for an A to Z renovation especially as we don’t live in Ireland.

Fantastic input and advice from initial meeting on site to being handed the keys.

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Working closely with us to change or amend all our  “wish list” as well as advising that some things don’t work.

Clearly laid out budget and cost options.

Having one point of contact during the renovation work.

Special mention for site manager Kevin who went above and beyond.

The expertise of Penny who really did an excellent job of design within our budget as well as getting the house to fit our dream which she did magnificently
Constantly come up with clever and innovate ideas.”


“We stumbled across RENOVA at a time when we were disillusioned by other firms who wanted a large initial outlay for assessment, design and planning.  Given that we both work full time, the last thing we wanted to do was project manage a big renovation.  All the decisions were made in a few meetings with John, Alan and Penny and we then let RENOVA get on with it.  The all inclusive product RENOVA offer and the one point of contact are invaluable.

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Unlike friends who spent all their time during a renovation chasing contractors, RENOVA took it out of our hands and did all the chasing, even when we had organised an extra piece of work in the garden which was not in their remit.

RENOVA completely transformed a badly laid out and neglected house into a warm and comfortable home and they did it on time and in budget.  When they say 8 weeks turnaround, they mean it.  All of the team are professional, friendly and nothing is too much trouble both during the works and afterwards.

The best thing we could say about RENOVA is if we were lucky enough to renovate another house again, John and Alan would be the first people we would call.”


“This was the second time that our family had dealt with Alan Stevens and on each occasion we have been impressed by his reliability, integrity and efficiency. On this particular occasion, time was of the essence as I had a fixed date to move into my new home. RENOVA delivered on their promise and an old, cold, dark and dreary 100 year old cottage was transformed into my contemporary, cosy, bright and energy-efficient new home, and I moved in on the promised date. RENOVA’s wealth of knowledge and attention-to-detail helped to turn a potentially complicated event into an enjoyable and exciting experience. I’m delighted with the results and would highly recommend RENOVA.”

“We were extremely busy during the time of the renovation and would not have had enough time to manage different contractors. We came across RENOVA while looking for contractors on the internet and contacted John and booked some time to go over the details of the house.

In the first meeting John went over some of the previous jobs that they’d done and explained the whole process from start to finish. We had a very good feeling about it and decided to proceed. So we got quotes and worked out what we needed and did not need, and pressed the button.

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The design phase then began and went quite smoothly, special thanks to Penny for assisting us with every single detail from bathroom fittings to the colour of the walls. It was unbelievably helpful. We had a few hiccups during the construction phase due to the bad condition of the house, but Alan and John were always on top of things and we overcame these fairly easily. I remember that I was only able to visit the place on weekends during construction. Every time I was so surprised by how much it’d progressed in a single week. Another thing that caught my attention was how clean the place was during construction, it didn’t even look like a building site.

The house was handed to us a week before schedule and in supreme condition. RENOVA’s expertise and professionalism made the renovation stress-free and the end result exceeded our expectations. I would not hesitate to engage RENOVA again, or to recommend them to others.”


“Respect, quiet, gentle and tidy are not the words generally associated with renovations. Yet these are the qualities that team RENOVA applied throughout the retrofit of our 1920’s house.

Honesty, time management and budget adherence are other attributes that were brought to the table in addition to keen design ideas to suit our precise needs.

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Our brief to RENOVA was to reduce the heating loss downstairs.

A deep retrofit of 3 rooms on the ground floor was recommended.

Walls, floors and ceilings were taken out and rebuilt. All carpentry work was bespoke and beautifully finished. Electrical and plumbing sub contractors were very efficient. Painting inside and out was clean and tidy. Above all, time keeping was excellent. When we visited, we noticed that our house was cleaned up at the end of each working day which was very reassuring.

We now have a home that is warm.

The job was completed to a higher standard than anticipated by a dedicated team of likeable people.

I would highly recommend RENOVA, they have renewed our home”


“RENOVA helped me to transform the ground floor of my home from a draughty, dark, badly laid out space into a bright, warm, comfortable living space. Having explored other options, I chose to work with RENOVA because they project manage the whole home renovation from start to finish. From my first meeting with RENOVA to the completion of the work, I worked with the same person throughout – John.

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Having one point of contact made the whole process stress-free. Unforeseeable structural issues arose during the work and I was impressed with the efficient, cost-effective manner in which John and his team managed to find a solution. I was very happy with the lads that worked on the project. They were more than willing to answer any questions and explain the stages of work when I visited the site.

My home renovation started on the agreed date and was finished on time. Allowing for adjustment for the unforeseeable structural issues, the project stayed very close the the agreed budget.

The attention to detail, professionalism and courtesy that I experienced in my dealings with John and all the trades personnel that worked on my home leaves me with no hesitation in recommending RENOVA, or working with them again in the future should I be in a position to do so.”


“John and Alan transformed my drab, dated house into a modern, bright, high-spec home, all within budget and on time. From the first, exploratory meeting right through to the completion of the project, the team at RENOVA were terrific to deal with. Their enthusiasm and positive approach made the home renovation a wholly enjoyable experience.

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John and Alan oversaw all aspects of the job, big and small, superbly well. They efficiently managed and coordinated the multiple tradesmen and subcontractors on the project, from structural engineering through to decoration.

Their expertise and professionalism made the entire home renovation stress-free and the finished product exceeded my expectations on every front. I would not hesitate to engage RENOVA again, or to recommend them to others.”


“After noticing the sign for RENOVA locally, we called in to their showroom and were impressed with their setup and how knowledgeable and professional they came across.  After thorough negotiations with John Martin on the cost plan for our home renovation project, we were pleased to go ahead and were impressed with the detailed breakdown of every little cost involved in the project, which made it so easy to track during the course of the home renovation, and meant that there were no hidden costs emerging during it!

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Alan Stevens managed the project from start to finish and was an absolute pleasure to work with.  Our confidence in Alan and John’s management of the home renovation just grew more and more as the project progressed due to their constant communication, professionalism and their obliging attitude. If any issues were raised, nothing was too much trouble.  They are very much focused on keeping the client happy!

Every member of the team who worked on site, from the foremen/builders, – (Manus, John and Joe to name a few) to the plumber John, were all very professional and courteous and a pleasure to deal with. The site was securely managed and kept extremely tidy the entire time. The whole project was completed on schedule and we are thrilled with the high quality finish and high standard of insulation. We have ended up with an amazing space that the whole family is thoroughly enjoying!  Their aftercare service is excellent too!

We would not hesitate in highly recommending the RENOVA team and will certainly be using them again for any future work we require to be done on our home!”


“We were basically happy with our house and wanted the same house, but just a bit warmer, and with a new-look bathroom and W.C.

Last summer over a 6 week period, RENOVA got to work. They internally insulated a large east-facing wall, two bedrooms, the bathroom and all the floorboards in between. They replaced our 25 year-old radiators with new high-efficiency ones, gave us a gorgeous new bathroom, a new cloakroom and did a few miscellaneous jobs while they were at it, including fixing a troublesome leak in the roof.

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We were very impressed with both the work and the RENOVA style. There were no trips to industrial estates on the M50 in order to choose tiles or paints. Instead we gave them a rough outline of what we wanted, went to their showroom in Kilmacanogue, and, and over a cup of coffee, made all the decisions.

We were also extremely impressed by the high quality work of all the RENOVA workers. “Ah, sure it’ll do”, is not part of the RENOVA vocabulary. In addition they were, without exception, courteous and considerate. We can genuinely say that the 6 weeks it took to complete the home renovation work were stress-free ones.

Alan’s perfectionist eye meant that we had a minimal snag-list at the end, which was attended to without delay. With John in the background, there were no budget over-runs. We have now ended up with exactly what we wanted – an even nicer, toasty house.

We would have no hesitation in recommending RENOVA to others.”


RENOVA came highly recommended by family members who had worked with Alan Stevens in recent years. We provided RENOVA with a very simple brief, which was to make our home more comfortable. From day one, we found that all dealings with RENOVA were very professional. To begin with, they listened and understood our brief. The the works were priced in a transparent way and this was followed by the design process which was well managed and turned out to be a pleasure. When the works started we were particularly impressed by RENOVA’s personnel on site. They were polite, tidy and a pleasure to deal with. All in all we were very impressed by RENOVA and we are delighted with the completed job.

“My main interest was to improve the insulation on an old terraced house (built around 1875) and reduce the carbon the footprint, along with some general improvements. The thought of moving out and having the place taken apart never filled me with joy. However, it was clear from the start that I was in good hands. It probably couldn’t have been any easier.

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Getting a good result was a shared priority for everyone involved in the project. If I wasn’t happy with something, we would find ways to make things work. Everyone in Renova gives great attention to detail, and have a real understanding of old buildings. They don’t give their word lightly, but having promised something, they work hard to deliver on it. Good communication is at the heart of the process – and trust – and this is where the team were excellent. As new decisions came up – old houses can offer up a few surprises – there was a joint problem-solving approach, in order to come up with something I was happy with. The whole team genuinely cared about the project, and I have great respect for the wide range of skills which were in use.

Even though I had already made significant reductions by installing new windows throughout beforehand, the Renova project brought a further cut in energy use of more than a third. On top of that, the house is now much warmer and more comfortable.

I have no hesitation in recommending Renova.”


“We contacted RENOVA in November 2015 to renovate our new house. We had an accurate indication cost for the works within 48 hours, and a detailed proposal within a week.

RENOVA took control of the whole process and handled everything from the initial strip out right through to completion, including a final clean.

They took care of the technical retrofit specification as well as the interior design. An otherwise stressful undertaking was made easy and enjoyable by the RENOVA team.”

“.. I came upon an article in the Sunday Business Post about John Martin and Alan Stevens and their home renovations company. I was taken by their complete turn key service and the fact that they did the retrofit works as well as the interior design and finishes. John and Alan were great to work with and I’d recommend them highly to others…”