RENOVA at the Ideal Home Show

 “Few things in life are as important to us as our homes. ‘Home’ is where we spend most of our time. It’s a place where we can relax, unwind and feel comfortable and secure. ‘Home’ is where we can escape from a busy and often crazy world! We should enjoy living in our homes, be proud of our homes, we should ‘Love’ our homes…” – RENOVA

Ideal Home Show

At our recent exhibition at the Ideal Home Show in the RDS in Dublin, we were thrilled to receive such a positive and enthusiastic response to our Deep Retrofit and Renovation service. Indeed, the public’s positive reaction re-affirms our budget-led, energy-aware and stress-free approach to renovations.

It was fantastic to see a growing public awareness of Deep Retrofit and energy efficient renovations. Our exhibition stand said it simply – ‘Love Your Home Again!’ and outlined the fundamentals of Deep Retrofit. It showed how, at RENOVA, we transform your home into the best place it can be. We do this through; Insulation, Air-tightness, Windows & Doors, Heating Systems, Lighting, Ventilation and Interior Design. By ‘Thinking Deeper’ it really is possible to create a home that is not only energy-smart but smart to look at too. This is the reason we are so different to other retrofit companies – we offer a complete 360 degree, turnkey service. We renovate while you relax!

We were delighted to meet with so many enthusiastic people at the Ideal Home Show who are thinking about carrying out a home renovation through Deep Retrofit. Some people had recently bought an older home that needs to be upgraded whilst others were thinking about purchasing a doer-upper. There were many older people who were thinking of down-sizing.  And of course, those who have been living for far too long in a cold and draughty home and want to optimise their living environment by making it comfortable, warm and energy-efficient. We were very happy to take a look at the plans and brochures they brought along, answer questions and offer advice on the multiple components of Deep Retrofit and renovations.

Through Deep Retrofit, homes can be brought up to passivhaus standards with air-tightness, good insulation and high-performance glazing. A retrofitted home is warm both day and night, with minimal heating. It will also be cooler during hot summer weather. Hot summer weather which seems to be becoming more common in recent years, perhaps as a result of global warming.

At RENOVA we upgrade your home from the inside out. This means that we address the basic principles of warmth, fresh healthy air, sound insulation and energy efficiency first. Then we make sure that your home functions for you as a space and that it looks good too. It’s true after all that the environment in which we live has a very big impact upon not only our physical health, but our mental health too. Therefore, we believe that ‘Deep Retrofit’ is a very worthwhile and rewarding business as it improves the quality of people’s lives. Not only that, it is good for the environment too! It is a crucial part of a low-emission future and is a way in which we can improve the future for our children. For all of these positive reasons, spreading the word about ‘Deep Retrofit’ has become our passion in life!Ideal Home Show

Reducing energy use, costs and greenhouse gas emissions has become very topical in the past number of years. Because of this there are now grants available from the SEAI for homeowners who invest in energy improvements in one or more of the following areas;

  1. Roof Insulation
  2. Wall Insulation
  3. Installation of a High Efficiency (>90%) Gas/Oil fired Boiler
  4. Heating Control Upgrades
  5. Solar panels


You can also save up to €4,050 in tax or 13.5% of the cost of your project (up to a limit of €30,000) on a wide range of home improvements and renovations under the Home Renovation Incentive Scheme.


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