Our Design Only service

If a RENOVA deep retrofit renovation is not for you, but you want to improve your home, then we can provide a design only service.

This service is intended for people who want to make modest layout changes to their home, and don’t know where to start.

What you will receive will enable you to take your renovation project forward to the next stage.

Receive all the benefits of the RENOVA design office without a commitment to RENOVA to carry out the works.

This design only service is aimed at small-scale renovation projects with budgets under €150,000.

Typical cost range €1,000 – €3,000 excluding vat

Siân Hurley

How does it work?

Step 1: Call Out & Survey

After you have completed our questionnaire, we arrange a design meeting at your home.

During the meeting at your home we discuss your needs and aspirations to establish your design brief.

We photograph and measure the area of your home that you wish to focus on.

Duration: Typically 2 hours.

Step 2: Design stage

After the meeting at your home, we prepare a survey drawing of your existing layout.

We prepare design proposals based on your brief, including options when that is possible.

When these design proposals are ready to present, we contact you to arrange a meeting at the RENOVA studio.

Duration: Typically 10 days

Step 3: Present at RENOVA

We meet at the RENOVA studio to present and discuss the design proposals.

If required, we agree design changes at our meeting and afterwards we make these changes to the drawings to finalise the process.

The revised drawings are sent to you by email and post.

Duration: 1 hour

What do I receive?

A design meeting at your home with a experienced designer.

The benefit of RENOVA’s renovation experience.

Your design and renovation questions answered, at your home.

An honest appraisal and expert guidance in preparing a design brief.

Plan layout drawings, which illustrate the existing layout and the proposed plans showing the changes.

A design review meeting in the RENOVA studio.

Finalised floor plans to confirm you design choices.

The ability to progress your renovation what ever way you decide.


We will provide a quotation for you project after we receive your questionnaire.

Not really. All we ask is that you have time to discuss your renovation when we meet, and that you are reasonably certain of your renovation ambitions, i.e. what are you hoping to achieve? We will confirm your design brief together when we meet at your house.

We will schedule a meeting at your home. Typically the meeting and measured survey will take approximately 2 hours

You will receive your design proposals at RENOVA within 10 days of our meeting at your house.

When revisions to the preferred design have been undertaken, the drawings will be updated and set to you via email within 2 days.

This concludes the REDESIGN service.

You will pay a 50% deposit before the call out. The balance is payable prior to the presentation of drawings at the RENOVA studio.

Payments are made on this website by PayPal.

The drawings you will receive are not construction drawings; but they are suitable for initial discussions with a builder.

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