RETROFIT WORKS:N/A – This was a new build construction
RENOVATION WORKS:N/A – This was a new build construction

“After many years of indecision and not without a great deal of trepidation we decided to remove an existing large corrugated iron shed/garage from the bottom of our small town garden and replace it with a small building which would serve as a studio for me to work from also incorporating a shed cum storage area. We first approached Murphy Austin architects who drew up a plan for a beautiful simple light filled building, which they brought to planning permission stage. When we started looking for builders the architects suggested approaching Renova. They had worked with them on a previous project and felt that Renova’s formula of providing a one stop shop with a full team on board was a better and more efficient option to employing several independent contractors with all the headaches and time management issues that can entail for the client. It was good advice. From the outset we were impressed with Alan Stevens and John Martin. A budget was put in place and a payment plan from the beginning and everything was documented for us so that we knew exactly how much it would all cost. Alan would oversee the job and Lorcan Nolan was appointed as site manager. Lorcan was at all times approachable, reliable, courteous and careful, our neighbours loved him, he was very mindful of the disruption a building site can cause to those living around and kept a very close eye on the running of the site. Every evening everything was left clean and tidy, the common areas swept and clean and there was a great sense of order and professionalism to the job. A really beautiful building ensued which has made a huge difference to my working life. I can safely say we were sorry to see Renova go, they really minded us throughout and problem solved without drama or cost when issues arose.”


This was an unusual job for RENOVA to take on because it was a new construction rather than a renovation. Normally this is not what we do. But we took the job on because it was for good friends of RENOVA, Murray Austin Architects who had previously referred clients to us.

Murray Austin had secured planning permission to the building for the building on behalf of their client, and rather than going to tender and managing a builder through the construction stage, Murray Austin recommended that their client consider RENOVA for the construction stage. We were known to them and they were confident that we would deliver the project in a professional manner.

We were engaged for detailed design, preparation of construction drawings and the construction. Murray Austin handed their client over to us entirely.

The job went perfectly smoothly. The client was happy and so too were Murray Austin.