Drylining, Roof Insulation, Triple glazed AluClad windows and doors, Air tightness measures, Aereco Ventilation, New heating system, re-wiring, low energy lighting
Reconstruct rear extension, Remodel interior layout, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Appliances, Storage, Timber Flooring, Carpets, Painting & Decorating, Gardens
6 Weeks


This project was carried out for a client for whom we had previously retrofitted a second house. Soon after completing the first retrofit renovation they asked us to do similar work to their home. The brief this time was for the same level of retrofit works but with a higher level of interior design to finish. Because we had worked together before there was a level of understanding between the owners and our designers, which was very helpful.

This job required the reconstruction of a poorly built rear extension. The design work for this new extension was already done by an architect which was very helpful. We modified that design and remodelled the interior of the house to come up with a final layout that was to the client’s specific needs.

The specification for the retrofit works was the standard RENOVA specification that the client was familiar with from the previous job. The brief for the interior design was different but was managed in the same way. The client provided a brief to our interior designer and we took it from there. Mood board and samples were agreed and all finishes selected.

For this project construction began with the removal of the existing rear extension. That rear extension was reconstructed as the main house was being stripped out. Once the extension was built we carried out our retrofit works in the usual way, followed by fit out and finishes.

Works finished on time and other than some additional works that the client requested, the works were on budget too. Works took 24 weeks to complete, so this was quite a large renovation project.

The finished home is now a fully updated version of the original house. It has been transformed from a spec-built housing estate house into a bespoke one-off-type family home.

Note: The RENOVA business model no longer supports the construction of extensions.