RETROFIT WORKS:Attic and roof insulation, Ground floor insulation, Drylining, Airtightness, Aereco ventilation, Air to water heat pump, Underfloor heating, Heating controls, Re-wiring, Low energy lighting
RENOVATION WORKS:Re-roofing, Layout changes, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Wardrobes, Internal doors and skirting boards, Stairs, Fireplace, Stove, Flooring, Tiling, Painting and Decorating
8 weeks

Sitting in our nice cosy A3 BER rated house on a chilly day in January it’s very easy to see the value of the works that Renova did for us.  This time last year this house was a drafty E2 that was either too hot for me or too cold for my wife.   Now a consistent temperature between 19-21°C is the 24 hour climate, thanks to excellent insulation, underfloor heating and an air source heat pump.

What attracted us to Renova after our own extensive research into insulation and energy efficiency was the comprehensive package that their retrofitting company provides.   John and Alan have successfully combined their professional training with their considerable experience into a specialist service that goes far beyond the bricks and mortar. The fact that Renova has its own dedicated team of experienced and talented tradesmen was also a considerable factor in our choice.  Knowing the work is to be carried out by a dependable and reliable team provides a guarantee of quality workmanship that is not available when sub-contractors are relied on.  It also ensures that a tight timetable and accurate cost analysis can be realistic expectations.

John and Alan were able to analyse what each insulation measure would bring to the overall improvements and could fully explain the folly of any half-baked attempts.  It became clear as we discussed the works to be done and got to the quotation from John that Renova was just the professional outfit we needed.  Renova promised when the works were done that we would be walking into a show house. There would be a timetabled process where we chose bathrooms, kitchens, doors, windows, lighting etc. with the guidance of the interior designer, Penny.

Knowing we were dealing with such a professional team freed us up to consider some reorganising of the interior of our home; initially it was just to be a deep retrofit insulation. In the end, and thanks to the considerable patience of John and Alan, we have ended up where every room in our “new” house has benefitted from the Renova touch.

We were particularly keen on getting as environmentally friendly a heating system as possible and Stephen was just the man to guide us here with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area.

And as promised we did effectively walk into a show house that just happened to be in the exact location we had left 5 months previously.  The pride in the work as the foreman Kevin showed us around was palpable, with extra touches everywhere that we had not specified (or thought of really).

Again when Alan came for the snag list, his sense of pride in what really was a fantastic effort was very evident and there was no attempt at all to dismiss any of our very minor snags. We had a good chat with Alan this day and again could get a feel for how John and Alan complement each other so well.

We can highly recommend Renova and their work to anyone thinking of the daunting task of major renovation. All during the process they provided solutions rather than problems and once the works began we left them at it, not visiting again until 2 weeks before we moved back. You don’t have to “keep an eye” on their work. Neighbours all complimented the workers and how they marshalled the site with very little disruption. They couldn’t get over the fact that even the grass was mowed during the renovation.

If you want the best job done, headache free, then Renova is your bespoke solution.


Our brief was to take a much loved family home and modernise it for the next stage in a family’s life. This required layout changes to suit an adult family’s needs rather than those of a young family, and retrofit works to make the house comfortable and energy efficient.

This was a substantial renovation, which required a complete strip out of the existing building. Walls were removed for open plan spaces and partitions moved to allow for a full reconfiguration of the first floor rooms.

The suspended timber ground floor was infilled and underfloor heating was added. In fact, this job had the full suite of retrofit works carried out which is always marvellous to do. This house achieved an A3 BER rating, which is very good for a retrofit project.

The finished house is just as our client wanted it to be. It is comfortable, energy efficient and modern, just as the brief required.