RETROFIT WORKS:Heating, Wiring, Lighting, Plumbing, Ventilation, Airtightness
RENOVATION WORKS:Layout Changes, Internal Doors, Skirting Boards, Flooring, Bathroom, Kitchen, Wardrobes, Storage, Lighting, Decoration

“Our decision to downsize in 2017 meant that our investment apartment had to be totally remodelled. It had been a rented property for twenty years.
We chanced upon Renova on the internet followed by a meeting at an Exhibition at the RDS and were impressed by their approach. Their understanding of our requirements and their thoroughness in costing the complete project were the initial reasons we decided to proceed with them.

The clear communication throughout with the in house design team made our project much easier to manage. Their sensitivity to the issues involved in an apartment complex was much appreciated by our new neighbours. These issues included noise, construction workers moving through common areas, delivery vehicles amongst others. Our project finished on time, on budget and on good terms. We would recommend Renova 100%.”


Our brief was to take an 20 year old apartment that had been rented for years and transform it into a home. Our clients were down sizing from a large family home.

It was clear from the outset that we were to make alterations to this apartment to make it fit the specific requirements of our clients. We needed to increase the amount of storage and open up the kitchen to the living area for open plan living. A pallet of finishes was selected to suit our clients tastes.

The apartment is located on the second floor and access was restricted by management company rules. At RENOVA we are used to working within these restrictions. All public spaces needed to be covered down carefully and we needed to work closely with neighbours to ensure that no one was inconvenienced by the works. The works themselves consisted of the complete strip out and renovation of the apartment. This phase took 10 weeks, and finished exactly on programme. The works finished within budget too.