Attic insulation, Pumped cavity insulation, Air tightness, Ventilation, Heating system, Plumbing, Re-wiring, Windows and external doors
Layout changes, Kitchen, Utility, Wardrobes, Bathrooms, Flooring, Stairs, Interior doors, Skirtings and architraves, decoration

The primary reasons that we chose to work with Renova were their professionalism and industry knowledge, drafting a detailed timeline and budget, and providing us several references which allowed us to freely ask questions of their previous customers.

Once we agreed on the timeline, they showed up early that morning and immediately started work.  The team working onsite were really great to work with and we could get updates at any time.

As in a lot of large projects, there were a couple of internal things that were found once the work commenced which Renova quickly advised us of and also provided a couple of options with updated pricing and timelines.  We have heard of many stories from friends who had their own renovation projects which have run over time and budget, but we never had to deal with any of this with Renova.

At the end of the day we were able to move back into our house right on schedule, and the quality of work was impressive.  Several months after moving in we noticed a couple of minor things which required a touch up and Renova promptly returned to fix them.  We’re delighted we chose Renova and didn’t have to deal with a lot of the stress that others we know have had to deal with.


Our clients and their young family had recently moved into this house. While it was a fine sized family home in a great location, it was very dated. The previous owner had built this house for themselves and the quality of the workmanship was poor.

We were charged with updating the building fabric to make it comfortable and energy efficient as well as completely updating the fittings and finishes to make the house aesthetically pleasing. Our works included some significant changes at the kitchen, dining and living room.

The finished house is a fantastic family home. It is spacious, comfortable and all finishes and fittings are new and to our clients taste.