RETROFIT WORKS:Efficient Heating System, Condensing Boiler, Efficient radiators, Low Energy Lighting, Ventilation,
RENOVATION WORKS:Interior Doors, Skirting boards, Timber Flooring, New Ceilings, Bathroom Fit Outs, Kitchen, Appliances, Storage, Wardrobes, Fireplace & Hearth, Painting,


Our brief on this project was to renovate a vary dated apartment to make it ready for sale. This apartment had been a rental for many years. Our clients decided that the cost to renovate would be recouped in the sale price, and that the effort to renovate would make the prospect of a quick sale more likely.

This project was somewhat unusual for RENOVA because there wasn’t the normal emphasis on retrofit works. There is only so much retrofit works that can be done to an apartment, plus our client wouldn’t benefit from the investment. Cost benefit analyses were carried out with the auctioneers help to establish the wisest scope of retrofit works to include.

This apartment received a complete refit. All surfaces and fittings are new. The layout was changed to create a modern open plan living room. As the apartment was going to market we were advised to keep the design and colour pallet neutral, which we did. This apartment needed to appeal to the widest possible market.

The apartment went sale agreed very quickly and the cost to renovate was recouped in the sale price. Our clients therefore considered this to be a successful project. In fact, they went on to engage RENOVA to carry out a deep retrofit renovation of another apartment – this next apartment being their own home.