RETROFIT WORKS:Drylining, Attic Insulation, Heating System, Rewiring, Windows and doors, Airtightness, Ventilation
RENOVATION WORKS:Layout changes, Kitchen, Appliances, Utility, Shower room, Interior Doors, Glass balustrade, Timber flooring, Painting and decorating

For a few years, we had thought of renovating our house in Malahide with a view to achieving a few specific goals. One of our main aims was to open up the front hallway by removing a downstairs toilet and introduce more light into our very dark kitchen which faces due North. We also wanted to create more space in our kitchen / dining area by removing a solid wall connecting to an existing garage extension to the rear of the house and to make better use of the garage itself.

We visited the Ideal Homes exhibition in Autumn 2016, and were pleased to meet John Martin and his Renova team. It was clear to us from the start that Renova had the personnel and expertise to undertake the type of renovations we were looking for. Whereas, many firms of Architects and builders that we met at the exhibition specialised in major building works and extensions, it appeared to us that Renova (as their name suggests) seemed to concentrate on renovation and insulation of existing homes with a view to making better functional use of existing space and making homes brighter, warmer and more energy efficient. In this regard, it was clear from the start that Renova were a perfect fit to fulfil our specific needs.

We arranged to meet John in our home in Malahide in January 2017, and explained our specific needs. He listened carefully to our requirements, and made a number of very helpful and practical suggestions at this first meeting. He explained how Renova operated as a company and the different stages of planning prior to the commencement of work on the house. Within days of this initial meeting, John provided a very detailed estimate of the cost and a definite timescale for the works. As early as this initial meeting, it was clear to us that we were dealing with a highly professional company with detailed experience in all aspects of home renovation – and hence we had no hesitation in signing a contract with Renova to undertake the work.

For us, a key advantage of working with Renova on this project, was their expertise in all aspects of interior design and layout. From our early meetings with Penny to our final meeting with Stephen (just prior to the commencement of works in May 2017) , all aspects of layout and interior design were discussed in detail. These discussions were not just about what style of new kitchen and bathroom we would like – it went down to minute details of types of door handles, internal doors and paint colour e.t.c. As it was often quite difficult for us to visualise these aspects (prior to seeing them in-situ), we really appreciated the ideas and helpful suggestions of the Renova team, most of which are now incorporated into our transformed home.

Our initial confidence in Renova was very much reinforced when we met with Robert and his team in the first few days of the work. Robert was so accommodating and had such a pleasant manner that he put our minds at ease straight away. Brian, who took over subsequently when Robert was on leave, was equally professional and accommodating in his approach. From the start, we knew we had no need to supervise the works, and only required the occasional visit to say hello, admire the workmanship of the team and discuss some minor decisions that had to be made along the way.  We very much appreciate that Robert took the time to talk to our neighbours before commencing the work to explain what was to happen. All our neighbours subsequently attested to the professionalism and consideration shown by the Renova team throughout the three months of the works.

Early on in the project, John wrote to advise us to expand the scope of the project to include a total replacement of the existing heating system – as the current system used gun barrel piping that was old and would leak in time. Now that we are enjoying our cosy, and hugely more heat efficient home, we are so glad that we followed John’s recommendation. The additional work did not add significantly to the overall cost of the project and represented really good value for money.

When we moved back into our newly renovated home, we were truly gobsmacked by the transformation that had taken place in terms of extra light, space, functionality and the overall look and feel of the finished product.  We were also struck by the quality of the finish and workmanship throughout. This quality of finish was due entirely to the expertise and specialist skills of the team employed by Renova – including their plasterer, plumber, electrician, and painter. There were also a number of pleasant surprises where Renova had gone beyond the initial specification to ensure the overall look and feel of the place was of the highest quality. To say that Renova had exceeded our expectations is a significant understatement. All of our neighbours and friends who have called to see the finished product have had the same jaw-dropping reaction when seeing the finished product for the first time.

When we had settled back into our newly renovated home, Alan paid us a visit to survey the final product for himself and go through our snag list. We were highly impressed that he not only made sure that all items on the snag list were speedily attended to, but he also readily acceded to our request for one or two final changes to the initial specification that we felt would improve the overall look of our newly renovated home. Alan also made it clear that we should have no hesitation in contacting Revova at any time should any issues subsequently arise – now that really is after sales service with a smile!

Overall we are thrilled with the transformation to our home in Malahide. As we sit having breakfast in our lovely new, spacious and bright dining room, we almost feel as if we are in our back garden. This is courtesy of the huge new back window that makes our back garden an integral part of our new dining room – a design feature entirely conceived and implemented by Renova.

The renovation of our home in Malahide was a very positive experience for us, and this is due to the highly skilled and professional staff at Renova, their accommodating nature and their overall attitude to their work and the people they deal with. We have no hesitation in recommending them highly for any renovation work of a similar nature.


To open up the entrance hallway, create a modern kitchen / dining space with a utility room, and to add a ground floor shower room. In addition to these layout changes we were asked to improve comfort levels and to decorate.

The design solution was simple. We took the underused spaces on the ground floor and used them to accommodate the additional shower room and to extend the kitchen diner. An unloved ‘breakfast room’ was swapped for a decent kitchen / dining space. The hall was extended by moving the w.c. into part of the garage, along with the new utility room. Part of the garage was retained as ‘garage’ space.

Construction was straight forward, with just one piece of structural work which was the removal of part of the original external wall to extend the kitchen space. Other than that the works we carried out were typical RENOVA retrofit works including insulation, elimination of draught, improved heating. We also carried out the typical suite of finishes and fittings, e.g. kitchen, shower room, flooring and decoration.

The same house, modernised for comfort and better use of space. Plus a complete refit and decoration for a contemporary appearance. This level of change is typical of a RENOVA renovation.