Drylining, Windows and Doors, Heating, Electrical re-wiring, Ventilation, Airtightness
Reconfiguration works, Modifications to wall openings, Kitchen, Kitchen Appliances, Utility Room, Stove, Cloaks, Tiled flooring, Decoration
6 weeks

We talked about renovating our house for years and in particular opening up the dark kitchen to introduce light and to enjoy the views of the back garden. After talking to several architects we had concerns about the escalating budget estimates. A friend of ours, who had just had a major renovation project completed by Renova, recommended that we talk to them.

From the outset we realised that Renova fitted our requirements exactly. There was a professional approach to the project from start to finish. We had several meetings with John to discuss our requirements. He listened to our wish-list and his advice was practical and appropriate. We agreed an itemised budget estimate (including a contingency figure) and a date for starting and completing the work. We met Paddy, the foreman, in advance and he kept in contact over the duration of the work. As a courtesy he also called to our neighbours to introduce himself and to allay any concerns about disruption during the course of the project.

From our perspective the project was stress free. Renova scheduled all the different tradesmen. The quality of work was superb. Paddy is a master carpenter and he did a wonderful job matching architraves and skirting boards to the original Victorian surrounds.  Penny, the interior consultant, advised us about design details, materials and costs. Fiachra did an amazing job incorporating some of the old bricks into a feature wall as a backdrop for the stove. Alan was very helpful advising us on details such as sockets and power-points when the space was a shell and it was difficult to visualise the final layout. Throughout the course of the project we asked for additions to the original contract such as new high output radiators. Nothing was a problem. The work started and finished on time and within budget. All in all, the project was a very positive experience, due mainly to the attitude, professionalism and skills of the Renova staff.

Now that we have moved back to the house we are thrilled with the transformation. Unfortunately the rest of the house could benefit from the Renova touch. If we decide to give a facelift to the rest of the house we won’t look any further than Renova.


This was yet another beautiful home to work on. The existing house had its original features and layout intact, which for the most part was fantastic. However, a negative aspect of these older period homes can be the disconnect between the living spaces, especially the kitchen, and the garden. This house has a wonderful back garden, but it was cut off from the kitchen / living area by a large fireplace and a utility room. Our challenge was to open up the kitchen to the garden whilst retaining a utility room.

The design solution was simple. We switched the positions of the utility room and kitchen. The kitchen was moved to the very back of the house and the utility was located towards the centre of the house. This required the removal of a large chimney breast and stack from ground level, through the first floor and through the roof. Removing this chimney had the added advantage of freeing up additional space in the rooms over the kitchen. Large double doors plus glass screens were installed in a new opening in the rear elevation and other window and door openings were modified to cater for the new layout. These new openings were particularly challenging because they needed to be made in brick walls.

The finishes were kept classical, though the choice of colours is modern. The black and white tiles from the original entrance hall were matched and extended into the new utility and cloaks space. The effect is that the house appears to be in the original configuration. There is no sense that the kitchen is a modern addition or that it has been relocated.

The space in which we worked received the full suite of retrofit works to make it comfortable and efficient. The kitchen is bright and warm where it had previously been dark and cold. Draughts in this part of the house are a thing of the past. The lighting is improved and the heating works perfectly.

This house remains a wonderful, classically proportioned period house with all the features that make these houses so desirable. Its one weakness, which was the kitchen / living, is now transformed to provide the owners with a comfortable kitchen / living space that perfectly compliments the rest of the house.