RETROFIT WORKS:Ground Floor Insulation, Dry Lining Exterior Walls, Windows & Doors, Roof Insulation, Air Tightness, Under Floor Heating, Air To Water Heat Pump, Aereco Ventilation System, Re-Wiring, Low Energy Lighting, Stove
RENOVATION WORKS:Garage Conversion, Internal Lay Out Changes, Kitchen & Appliances, Bathrooms, Wardrobes, Storage, Joinery, New Stairs, Internal Doors, Skirting Boards, Wall Panelling, Timber Flooring, Carpets, Fireplace & Stove, Timber Painted Eaves, Steel Gutters, Internal Painting, External Painting, Gardens, Paving, Boundaries

26 Weeks

I waited a year to write this testimonial. Renova promised a beautifully designed, energy efficient home and excellent after sales service. One year after they packed up their tools and sent in their meticulous cleaners I can unequivocally state that Renova delivered everything they promised, and more.

Our home works and looks exactly as they left it, and continues to delight. Our energy bills are really low. Renova kept to the budget, kept to the schedule and kept their promise of a top quality, comfortable, efficient home, delivered without stress. Every single team member was professional, talented and a pleasure to deal with. We actually enjoyed the process of renovating our home and would use them again without hesitation


Our clients had recently purchased this house knowing that it required a complete renovation. The house was in its original condition – the perfect building for a RENOVA Deep Retrofit renovation. After an initial consultation at our showroom, we arranged a site survey and presented our Budget Estimate (Proposal) within one week. The clients were clear on what they wanted, so we quickly settled on a scope of works and signed contracts. Our clients in this case were keen to get on site without delay.

The retrofit works on this house were comprehensive and included an air to water heat pump with underfloor heating. The insulation is a combination of internal dry-lining to the walls, high density insulation under the ground floor and a combination of insulations to the roof including spray foam and insulated composite plasterboard slabs. Air tightness measures include membranes and air tight tapes. Windows are triple glazed generally, but double glazed on south facing elevations to maximise solar gain. The house is fully rewired and low energy LED lights have been installed. Ventilation is an Aereco demand controlled ventilation system. Our client made a conscious decision not to install solar panels, although the house is enabled for installation of solar panels in the future. Neither did they invest in heat recovery ventilation. Nevertheless, the final energy rating is B2.

The clients on this job have great taste, which can be seen in the finished house. Flooring is a wide oak board, there are areas of painted wall panelling and a significant amount of bespoke built in joinery – all of which give the house a comfortable and well organised feeling. The lighting is extensive with plenty of feature and mood lighting. The paint colours selected by the client give the house a contemporary feel.

We think this is the best looking RENOVA renovation yet, and the perfect family home. This house is handsome and it works perfectly for our client. It’s also very energy efficient and extremely comfortable. From the time we first met our clients to handover was 32 weeks which covered project planning, design and construction. Everyone got on very well, the budget was kept under control at all times, and there were no dramas. A very successful project.