Dryline external wall, Attic insulation, Windows and doors, Airtightness, Ventilation, New heating system, Re-wiring, Additional sockets and lighting.
Garage conversion, Internal reconfiguration, Kitchen, Appliances, Bathrooms, Flooring, Joinery, Fireplaces, Wardrobes, Lighting, Carpets, Decoration
6 weeks

“Following our house purchase, we recently completed a fairly large upgrade/refurbishment. The property was in need of modernising and having previously lived in a number of cold, drafty homes, we were very keen to undertake a deep retro to include insulation, heating & plumbing upgrade and fit out – albeit within our budget. We have a young family and busy work lives and had never really undertaken a project like this before.  We looked around at a number of builders/contractors, including some who were recommended to us by family/friends. I came across Renova by chance following an internet search. I liked what I initially saw on their website but I did not know anyone who had dealt with them before. In any event, from our first meeting with John Martin, it was clear they were very professional and thorough in their dealings with us and got involved 100% in the project from the first contact. In our first meeting we gave him an idea of what we wanted to do and our budget for the project.  I was very impressed initially when John agreed to attend at the property on a number of occasions and subsequently provide us with a detailed cost estimate and recommendations of works to be undertaken in line with our budget. We also met him at the property a number of times which further assisted us greatly in making decisions around what we would do with the property. To be honest while we dealt with other builders and got quotes from them, the decision to go with Renova was relatively easy in the end. They were by far the most professional, helpful and had a full team of experts available and ready within the company.  When the project started we were introduced to the site foreman who was a complete star and a really excellent point of contact for us the whole way through the project. He was easy to deal with, very interested in his work and went out of his way to accommodate any of our requests or meetings with him. He kept a clean and immaculate site at all times and even went around to the neighbours before starting the heavy building works to introduce himself and let them know what was going on. This made it very easy to us when we eventually moved in and we have very grateful and thankful neighbours now!   The project was completed on time and within budget. The help and assistance we got all through the design, lay out and upgrade of works was really impressive. In summary and looking back, overall we found Renova excellent to deal with, very professional in their work and the finished product is better than anything we could have expected. I would highly recommend them.”


The brief at this house was to take a beautiful old home and renovate it for modern living without losing any of the character of the original house. The timelines were tight. Plans were made and RENOVA was engaged before the sale closed. The sale closed on a Friday and we began work the following Monday – we were on site by the Wednesday.

This house was a beauty before we commenced works. Our specification for renovation works (both retrofit and finishes) was prepared to ensure that the finished house retained its original features. The original joinery items were retained as far as possible. The new windows are wooden and the original flooring was retained – re-sanded, stained and varnished.

The house received a full suite of retrofit works. Covings, for example were copied and re-done to conceal the addition of internal drylining. The bathrooms and kitchen designs are classical to sit well in this wonderful old house.

We have renovated many houses, and this is among our favourites. It is the perfect blend of modern for comfort and original features. It has been transformed from a cold and dated house into a modern family home.