RENOVATION WORKS:Layout changes, Modifications to wall openings, Attic works, New stairs, Family Bathroom, En-suites, Kitchen by Noel Dempsey Design, Appliances, Utility room, Tiled flooring, Parquet flooring, Timber flooring Wall paneling, Built in furniture, Skirting boards, Painting, Replacement ironmongery, Lighting Exterior improvements

From the moment we met John Martin we knew Renova were in a different league to other renovation companies or contractors. We had done renovations before to previous properties, but this one was on a whole other scale and we knew we needed a team that would make the project go as smoothly as possible. Apart from their great website, what initially attracted us to Renova was the one-stop-shop approach. Knowing that all works could be carried out under one contract made the project more manageable.

After the schedule of works and costs were finalised, contracts complete, Alan Stevens came to the project. As a designer I had every space thought out and designed, and therefore was particularly impressed with the amount of time that Alan and his team invested to ensure my high expectations were met. There were a lot of design meetings! From there we went on site, Gerard Kelly came on board as the site foreman and from day one I was completely confident in his work, his attention to detail is meticulous and he really thinks things through as to how they’re going to look and function when finished. Someone asked me during the build was it stressful, and I can honestly say that we didn’t find it stressful. That was due to the confidence we had in the Renova team. It wasn’t all plain sailing, as in most renovations or building works something will go wrong somewhere along the line. However, we were hugely impressed with how Renova dealt with the any issues that arose.

We are settling back into our lovely newly refurbished home, with a huge thanks to the all the hard work by everyone in Renova. We really appreciate the attention to detail and the willingness to go the extra mile to get the finished result that we wanted. We’d highly recommend Renova to anyone looking to transform their home.


This was a fantastic job, although quite different to a normal RENOVA  project as the client only required a cosmetic renovation. Retrofit works were not needed in this case as the house was new and therefore built to current building regulations.

Our client bought this house for its location and the quality of the building, but was not satisfied with its interior design. The client is an interior designer and knew just what she wanted. In RENOVA she discovered an ally who understood exactly what she wanted, which had the design office to specify the works and prepare drawings, and the construction staff to carry out the works.

In addition to cosmetic works, we carried out some minor layout changes to provide a new family bathroom and to reorient everyday access to the house.

The finished house is spectacular. All of the finishes and fittings in the house are the very best, and the interior design is a testament to the client’s good taste. Coupled with the excellent building fabric this makes it the very best possible family home.