RETROFIT WORKS:Ground floor insulation, Roof insulation, Drylining external walls, Windows and doors, Airtightness, Ventilation, Heating system, Plumbing, Re-wiring, Lighting and power
FIT OUT & FINISHES:Extension and layout changes to main house, Raised roof and layout changes to annex building, Kitchens, Appliances, Bathrooms, Internal doors plus skirtings and architraves, Stairs, Flooring, Decoration, Eaves, Gutters and downpipes, Deck at annex, Paving
STAGES 1 – 5:15 months (including planning application)

Our family home in Brittas Bay dated from the 1950’s and was now owned by 3 sisters and needed a complete modernisation to fit the needs of the 3 families.

Renova offered a full service from architectural and interior design to planning permission and construction and they delivered first class services in every area.

They took care of everything from the waste water treatment to the hard landscaping, incorporating the wishes of the 3 sisters.

The site management was second to none and the challenges of construction during the pandemic were systematically overcome and the project was completed in June.

Now as we enjoy the wonderful home that Renova have built for us, we can see the benefits of design and cost control inputs from every part of the organisation.

They work as a unit with a common focus on customer satisfaction and we are delighted to be reaping the rewards.

Project Details

Our clients on this job were an extended family for whom this house was their childhood holiday home. They have grown up families now and were renovating this house for their own use and for use by the next generation too.

The project involved the renovation of two dwellings, the main house and the annex. Changes were substantial and required planning permission which RENOVA acquired before works started.

Both houses were renovated to the same level of specification, though the structural changes at the annex were more substantial with the addition of a proper first floor accommodation.

All extensions to the original main house were removed and new extensions built more or less in place of the existing. Complete reconfiguration of the ground floor of the main house took place too. The annex building had its roof raised and a total reconfiguration of the interior layout.

Both buildings were fully retrofitted with insulation, ventilation, airtightness, etc. New heating, plumbing and electrical systems were also installed. A full suite of fitout and finishes were carried out along with external paving works and the buildings were handed over in walk in condition.

Note: The RENOVA business model no longer supports the construction of extensions.