RETROFIT WORKS:Pump Cavity Walls, Roof Insulation, Air Tightness Measures, Upgrade Heating, Additional Lighting, Ventilation, Wood Burning Stove, Windows
FIT OUT & FINISHES:Feature Vaulted Roof in Living Room

Kitchen, Bathroom, Flooring, Raised Hearth, Wardrobes, Feature Lighting, Office Fit Out, Painting, Courtyard Paving, Garage Fit Out for Storage, Utility Room Fit Out


“The foundation to the success of our project was due to the time, knowledge, common sense and patience provided by John in reference to our proposal.

Our ideas were very carefully considered, discussed and where possible were improved. As we moved through the proposal John prepared a detailed specification, which was costed and frequently updated, so we knew exactly the likely financial outcome at all times.

Then having decided on the final proposal Alan took over. When the building started he had everything set up for the works to proceed which they did without hindrance from the word “go”.

Any suggestions that we had during the course of the works were positively discussed and where possible were acted upon and implemented without further discussion or reminder from us.

Throughout we were very impressed by the standard of workmanship, the organisation and management of the works, the respect for our property and for our neighbours.

Our visits were on a “needs be” basis because we had complete confidence in the RENOVA team. This is still our view today having lived in the renovated house for the past few months.

The rest of the back room staff in RENOVA were equally supportive and are totally up-to-date on furnishings, materials, suppliers and costings. This saved leg work and improved on value.

RENOVA’s work practices are, in our view, the best  approach to a building project. Very efficient and very easy to understand.  Add to this their building expertise and you can safely conclude that the end result will be to your complete satisfaction, as it was in our case.”


Our clients had been in contact with us for approximately 1 year, during which time they considered 3 properties for renovation, all in the same development. The property they ultimately bought needed substantial renovation works. Its building fabric was in fair condition compared to others we have worked on. However, it did need modernising. The brief was to hand over a comfortable home that was modernised to feel like a new house. It was quickly decided that we could transform the house by raising the ceiling in the living room. Credit must go to the client for their part in this decision.

By far the most significant change to this house is the vaulted ceiling in the living room. It adds a feeling of space and light as well as being a nice design feature to look at. The design at this house extended out into the enclosed courtyard, which is a real feature, and very much part of the house. The courtyard was paved and new planting was installed. We also renovated the garage and utility room which are now fully utilised to the benefit of the main house. Needless to say the house was insulated and the usual retrofit works were carried out.

A thirty year old house has been re-born. The house is contemporary in style and it is comfortable. Its layout is custom designed to suit our clients’ lifestyle.