What‘s included in a RENOVA home renovation?

RENOVA’s home renovations involve a deep retrofit, which is the complete overhaul of the fabric of your home. This transformative home improvement includes: roof, wall and floor insulation; airtightness (elimination of draughts); windows and doors; heating and plumbing; and electrical and ventilation systems.

As part of RENOVA’s renovation package, all fittings and finishes are included in the renovation too. This typically includes kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, storage, fireplace, stove, flooring, tiling and full decoration – we’ll even supply and install the blinds if required!

What makes us unique is the level of management and professional services available at RENOVA. Your project will benefit from our in-house architect, design manager, quantity surveyors, architectural technologist and construction managers all of whom work full-time for RENOVA.

All construction work is carried out by RENOVA employees too. We do not collaborate with builders for the works on site. RENOVA is a genuine design & build company.

We always look at:


Feel the benefits of both heat and acoustic insulation. Choose from a range of high-quality insulation materials and applications to suit your renovation.


Install a more energy-efficient heating system that makes use of heating zones, enhanced controls, energy-efficient radiators and a new condensing boiler or a heat pump.


With the precise and accurate installation of specialist membranes, tapes and seals, benefit from the elimination of unwanted draughts in the renovated space.


Create a healthier environment by introducing controlled ventilation. Balance ventilation with airtightness to maintain a continuous supply of fresh air.

Fixtures & Fittings

Fit new, state-of-the-art kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, fireplaces and storage. Select all fixtures and fittings under one roof in the RENOVA studio.

Design & Decoration

With the help of a designer, choose from a wide selection of floorboards, light fixtures, tiles and paint colours – all from the comfort of the RENOVA studio.


Carry out a complete rewiring of the renovated space. Reduce energy use and electricity bills by installing new energy-efficient lighting and smart controls.

Windows & Doors

Further prevent draughts and retain heat by installing brand new A-rated windows and doors. Choose from a variety of colours, styles and glazing options.

How do you know if you need a Deep Retrofit renovation?

You notice that …

  • Your house is cold or draughty, or both
  • Your house suffers from condensation or mould
  • Your energy bills are too high

You want to reduce …

  • Energy bills
  • Draughts
  • Ongoing DIY costs

You want to increase …

  • The value of your home
  • BER rating
  • Comfort levels

10 Reasons why RENOVA is the smart choice

  • Deep Retrofit

    Deep retrofit is our speciality – we turn cold, draughty, poorly-designed houses into modern, energy-efficient, comfortable homes.

  • Design

    Design is an integral part of our renovation service. We’ll help you to choose attractive finishes, right down to the paint colours.

  • 30 Years Of Experience

    We have 30 years of experience in home renovation and project management, and we only work with experienced staff and contractors.

  • Transparent Costs

    We are chartered quantity surveyors so our budget estimates are always realistic, transparent, and provided at the beginning.

  • One Point Of Contact

    Having one point of contact throughout means not having to deal with multiple contractors and guarantees a faster turnaround time.

  • Independent Advice

    When you choose RENOVA, you have no obligation to any product or supplier. You’ll receive objective, impartial advice from our experts.

  • Skilled Team

    We have over 30 full-time staff and contractors including technicians, designers, carpenters, foremen, plumbers and electricians.

  • Studio

    Enjoy your design workshops at our purpose built design studio. With the support of our designers you can select all finishes and fitting under one roof.

  • All-inclusive package

    Our service includes everything from the initial planning to construction, fit-out and the final project clean – it’s a complete turnkey service.

  • Extra Mile

    We’ll do whatever it takes to make your renovation seamless. We’ll even arrange the removal and storage of your belongings, if need be!

The Benefits of a RENOVA Deep Retrofit Renovation

Your Home fits Your Lifestyle

  • Improved layout
  • New kitchen & bathrooms
  • New tiling & flooring
  • New fireplace and/or stove
  • Fixtures & fittings
  • Interior design & decoration

More Comfort

  • A cosier, warmer home
  • A draught-free home
  • A well-ventilated, healthy home
  • Zoned heating that you can control
  • Pressurised plumbing for power showers
  • Efficient heating systems

Save Money

  • Lower electricity & heating bills
  • Increased property value
  • A tax-efficient investment
  • SEAI energy saving & home insulation grants available
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Common Queries

What is Deep Retrofit?

A Deep Retrofit is a complete overhaul of the fabric of your home, with the aim of improving energy conservation, smart energy use and your Building Energy Rating (BER). A Deep Retrofit includes: roof, wall and floor insulation; new windows and doors; airtightness, ventilation, and improved heating, plumbing and electrical systems.

Uniquely, a Deep Retrofit by RENOVA includes interior design and planning, plus a complete refurbishment and redecoration of your home. This means that not only will your home feel more comfortable, but it will look better than ever, and will be fitted with new furnishings and appliances.

What will my Deep Retrofit cost?

As with all construction works, the cost of a Deep Retrofit renovation depends on the scale of the project and the specification of materials and finishes.

As a very rough guideline, we advise customers to budget from €1,700 per m2 for a Deep Retrofit renovation including finishes, design and management as detailed below.

In our experience mid-specification Retrofit works costs from €900 per m2 for the following:

  • Strip out works
  • Wall insulation (drylining)
  • Attic Insulation
  • Airtightness
  • Windows and doors
  • Electrical re-wire
  • Light & power
  • Heating system and heating controls
  • Plumbing
  • Ventilation

The cost of fit-out and finishes are additional and, in our experience, the budget for this part of the works needs to be from €800 per m2. Fit out & finishes normally consists of the following:

  • New ceilings
  • Internal doors
  • Skirting boards and architraves
  • Kitchen allowance
  • Bathroom fit-out
  • Wardrobes
  • Fireplace
  • Timber flooring
  • Tiled floors
  • Painting & decorating
  • Attic flooring and storage

The rates of €1,700 per m2 also includes the following:

  • Concept design + budgeting
  • Interior design
  • Working drawings
  • Project planning
  • Structural engineer
  • Project management
  • Contractors insurance cover
  • Health & safety
  • Site operating overheads

Total cost above for a RENOVA Deep retrofit renovation is from €1,700 per m2

The following are excluded from the works listed above and would normally incur additional costs:

  • Furniture removal and storage
  • Insulating a suspended ground floor / installing an insulated concrete floor
  • Heat pump instead of boiler
  • Underfloor heating
  • Solar panels
  • AluClad windows instead of PVC
  • High end kitchen, e.g. Noel Dempsey Design
  • Built in joinery, e.g. alcove units
  • Repair works – e.g. re-pointing, re-roofing, damp treatment
  • Asbestos removal
  • Stove
  • Curtains
  • Carpets
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Loose Furniture
  • Paving, gardens, boundaries
  • House extension
  • Planning applications
  • BER consultant & SEAI application

Always bear in mind that tastes and expectations vary greatly when it comes to fit-out and finishes, so naturally the cost of fit-out and finishes can vary greatly.

At RENOVA, we will always endeavour to tailor a scope of works to suit your budget. So, if you budget doesn’t quite stretch to €1,700 per m2, speak to us and we’ll advise on how best to spend the budget that you do have.

The figures above are based on a typical 3 bed semi-detached house with 2 bathrooms and a WC, circa 100m2. Economies of scale have an impact on the rate per m2. A smaller house will cost more per m2 and a larger house can cost less per m2 for the same works.

NOTE 1: Our pricing always includes design and management plus all fittings and finishes and VAT for a full turn-key service.

NOTE 2: The information above is provided as a guideline only. Do not make any financial decisions based on the information provided here.

Why engage RENOVA?

A home renovation is a major undertaking. It will require clear guidance during the planning phase, expertise to price the works correctly, experienced tradespeople to do the job properly and skilled management and coordination while the work is being done. These are all core strengths of RENOVA.

We can guarantee you a fixed and final cost for your project up front.

We have everything and everyone that your renovation requires under one roof. So we can truly be your single point of contact for every aspect of your home renovation.

Our studio and designers will ensure that the selection of all finishes is made as easy as possible.

What makes RENOVA different to other companies?

We are a true Design & Build company. We take care of everything for our clients. They need only deal with us from initial enquiry through to handover.

We guarantee a completely stress-free experience every time. Our service is swift and prompt, and when we say that your projects will cost €X, you can be confident that this is correct.

RENOVA will also bring strong management skills and quality of service to your project and then combine the best people and products to complete the job to the highest standards. If you scratch the surface of other retrofit companies, you’ll often find that they are really insulation or plumbing companies that have decided to expand the scope of their services.

Our studio is a great location to learn about the technical elements of the project and to select all of your finishes too.

No one else we know of provides the professional input at design stage to ensure you get the right end result.

Why Design & Build?

Design & Build is appealing to homeowners for numerous reasons:

A true partnership:

Design and build promotes the partnering of the builder and the homeowner from concept stage right through to handover. This allows us to fully understand you and your expectations for your renovation project.

Single-source accountability:

With design and build, we alone are responsible for the quality of design and construction, for sticking to the budget and for meeting project deadlines. So, whatever your questions or concerns, you can come straight to us.


You deal with one firm only throughout your project. As a result, you do not need to co-ordinate the efforts of a designer, a builder and assorted sub-contractors.

Time saving:

Our design and construction specialists work closely together to complete their tasks concurrently, which compresses the time frame for project completion.

Client satisfaction:

All of the above factors contribute to a more successful and satisfying renovation project – for you and for us.

Can I choose materials and providers other than those specified by RENOVA?

Although we have no financial obligation to any supplier or tradesman, our service and warranty is based on using our tradesmen, suppliers and our chosen materials. This will not restrict you in any way because our range of partners and suppliers at RENOVA can satisfy any requirement.

Where can I inspect materials?

Samples of all materials, fixtures and fittings are available to view at our studio in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow.

Does RENOVA build house extensions?

Whilst, RENOVA specialises in the renovation of existing houses, we do occasionally build house extensions to compliment our deep retrofit renovations.

Our Design Studio

Our unique Design Studio is yours to use..

The RENOVA Studio has everything you need for your home renovation under one roof. It’s packed with everything you need to transform your house into a more comfortable, stylish and energy-efficient home.

At our studio, the mystery is taken out of technical terms, allowing you to take control and make informed decisions with confidence. Have your queries answered and find out what you need to know with the help of our experienced design team.

At our RENOVA studio we can show you flooring, bathroom fittings, kitchen finishes, tiles, paint colours, windows and doors displays, light fittings etc etc .. everything you need.

Located in Kilcoole (next to Druids Glen Golf Club) our studio is a short distance from Dublin and the perfect place to efficiently select all of the finishes and fitting needed for your home renovation.

RENOVA renovation studio