Downsizing your home with RENOVA

Whether you’re an empty-nester or just tired of a lot of unnecessary upkeep and hassle, moving to a smaller home is a great option for homeowners who are looking for a change. Downsizing can be a great opportunity to reduce or eliminate debt and to have the home you’ve always dreamed of. Of course, it all depends on personal circumstances, but it is always wise to act sooner rather than later if you are thinking about downsizing.

There are so many positive reasons to downsize. The most obvious being that by releasing the equity (reducing/eliminating the mortgage) in your home, money is freed up to fund your later years. Another benefit of downsizing is being able to move closer to family or friends or perhaps closer to amenities. A smaller, more manageable house with less maintenance and clutter is also of enormous benefit. Think of how your life can be simplified when you’re spending less time trying to find things! Not to mention the smaller bills, conserving energy and the extra time to pursue more important and enjoyable activities. In a nutshell, downsizing is a great chance to improve your quality of life.

Yet, the prospect of moving house or downsizing can seem so daunting. There are so many things to think of – from the initial decision to go to an estate agent through to the final selection of fixtures and finishes. The whole process can feel like a mountain to climb. However, downsizing shouldn’t be stressful if handled correctly. Instead of being a demanding task, with the right help, downsizing and renovating can be an enjoyable, exciting and invigorating project. By working with a reputable design and build company like RENOVA the whole process can be made a lot simpler and easier. It is possible, therefore, to look forward to buying and renovating a new home and beginning a new and adventurous chapter in your life!

RENOVA is a design and build company which specialises in the Deep Retrofit of older houses. Deep Retrofit involves stripping back to the bare essentials and re-building a highly-insulated, air-tight, well-ventilated and energy-efficient home. Therefore, if you are thinking about downsizing, don’t disregard the ‘doer-uppers’. Indeed, by considering houses that are in need of renovation, you will be opening up more possibilities and opportunities to find the perfect house in a great location. With the help of RENOVA, doer-uppers can be adapted to your needs and made into the home you’ve always dreamed of. RENOVA can help you to recognise the potential in that run down house!

Many boxes can be ticked when using RENOVA to help with your downsizing project:

  1. One company with one point of contact to oversee everything during your project.
  2. We time-manage your project efficiently which means that things run smoothly and there are no extra costs.
  3. We will help you to plan your budget – we are Chartered Quantity Surveyors.
  4. We will help you with all the legal requirements (Health & Safety etc).
  5. We will help you to apply for SEAI grants and advise on tax incentives.
  6. We will move your possessions into storage and deliver them back safely to your new home.
  7. We arrange the final clean of your new home.
  8. Our RENOVA studio has all of your renovation needs, including finishes, under one roof.
  9. Deep Retrofit presents the perfect opportunity to re-configure the internal layout of a house, making it more modern and adapted to your needs.
  10. Design decisions are made simpler with RENOVA. We will help to create the home you’ve always dreamed of.
  11. Older houses can be brought up to Passivhaus standards through Deep Retrofit which results in a healthier, warmer home with lower energy bills.
  12. Your new home will be completely re-wired and re-plumbed.
  13. We can re-organise your outdoor space, making it easier to manage and suited to your needs.
  14. Your new home will be sound-proofed, making it peaceful and tranquil.
  15. Your new home will be more secure, due to high-grade windows and doors.
  16. Your new home will have fewer carbon emissions – you’ll be doing your bit to help the environment.

So, why not embark upon a new challenge? Undertake a different project, not just a purchase, and get involved in the whole design and build process. Unleash your inner creative designer, invigorate yourself and enjoy watching your renovation project coming together with the help of RENOVA.

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