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Ventilation in your Home – a glossary of terms by RENOVA

 Air Changes per Hour (ACH)  Air changes per hour (ACH or ac/h), is a measure of the air volume added to or removed from a space, divided by the volume of the space. Simply put, ACH is the rate at which a space is ventilated. Certain places will require more air changes per hour, depending on usage and […]

Ventilation, Air-Tightness & Insulation

‘BUILD TIGHT – VENTILATE RIGHT!’ A well-retrofitted home by RENOVA will not only be completely air-tight and well-sealed; most importantly it will be well-ventilated. It’s a simple fact that air-tightness and ventilation should go hand-in-hand to prevent an unhealthy living environment. In the past, although we lived in draughty homes which were difficult to heat, they […]

Why Older Homes are less Energy Efficient

Older houses are much less energy efficient and less comfortable than modern, energy efficient homes…. As a general rule it costs about 3 times as much to heat a 1980’s house as opposed to an energy efficient modern house. Even then they are still draughty and miserable.  The good news is that any older home can be improved […]