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Extend or optimise your home?

Perhaps we are somehow conditioned into always thinking we need ‘more’. However, making the best out of something we already have is often a more sensible and worthwhile approach…. Here in Ireland, all too often, when it comes to home renovations, we think we should ‘extend’ – we presume that we need the extra space. However, […]

How to plan a deep retrofit renovation

Renovation projects are very challenging to manage, especially deep retrofit. There are so many component parts to arrange and each needs to be dove tailed neatly into the next for a successful outcome. Unless you have a deep knowledge of construction and experience in construction management you will struggle to succeed. However, construction continues to […]

Renovating doesn’t need to be stressful

We all know that renovating/retrofitting a home is notoriously stressful. Having to manage everything – from dealing with multiple suppliers and contractors to making numerous decisions about, for instance, the best type of insulation to use, right down to the smallest detail, such as which door handle to choose, is challenging enough for experienced professionals, never mind for somebody who […]

The importance of management in construction

The importance of good management in construction cannot be underestimated, especially when it comes to renovation and deep retrofit projects. Project Management can be defined as ‘The discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific criteria’. Building projects can be quite stressful and […]

Deep retrofit – the health benefits

How our home can influence our health and quality of life There is plenty of scientific research to prove that our environment affects our physical and mental health in many ways. The relationship between our surroundings and our well-being is important. For example – it is suggested that looking at a beautiful view results in […]

The principles of deep retrofit

At RENOVA we believe that ‘Form Follows Function’! ‘Form Follows Function’ is a simple principle which means that the shape of a building or object should primarily be based upon its intended function or purpose. At RENOVA we believe that the primary function or purpose of a home is to be comfortable. To be comfortable […]

Home renovation – budget wisely

If you are considering home renovation and you are in the fortunate position of being able to carry out a Deep Retrofit, making plans for your new home can be very exciting. Nonetheless, there are a lot of practical considerations like ‘the budget’ which need to be taken into account at the very beginning. Here […]

Downsizing your home with RENOVA

Whether you’re an empty-nester or just tired of a lot of unnecessary upkeep and hassle, moving to a smaller home is a great option for homeowners who are looking for a change. Downsizing can be a great opportunity to reduce or eliminate debt and to have the home you’ve always dreamed of. Of course, it […]

The fundamentals of retrofit

According to a recent article by John Cradden on Independent.ie, ‘The Tricky Economics of Greening your Home‘, it is essential to prioritise insulation and ventilation as opposed to more ‘trendy’ technologies when carrying out energy-saving improvements on your home…. This view is also shared by RENOVA, home-energy experts, who always place importance upon the fundamentals of insulation and […]

Why older homes are less energy efficient

Older houses are much less energy efficient and less comfortable than modern, energy efficient homes…. As a general rule it costs about 3 times as much to heat a 1980’s house as opposed to an energy efficient modern house. Even then they are still draughty and miserable.  The good news is that any older home can be improved […]